Friday, October 13, 2006

My thesaurus says hard drive is synonymous with difficult drive

Here I sit, in Cudahy Hall, happily typing away on my new laptop. Well, now I'm happy. Argh. I shall explain:

Yesterday, in a fit of desperation from being unconnected and isolated in my apartment and having to walk upwards of two blocks to the library should I want the wonders of computer operation not to mention the internet, I went shopping. 'Cause, I'm tellin' ya, I had nothing I needed to do more than shop. Nope, nothing. ANYway, I went shopping. Computer shopping. And I was successful! I felt like the epitome of the 21st century hunter-gatherer, coming home with the kill. And a basket of tasty berries. So, happiness! Excitement! Re-connectivity! Right? Wrong. If there's one thing we've learned, kids, it's that nothing is ever easy in Sus' world.

Five hours later -- yes, five -- I still couldn't get my wireless network to work. Windows will tell me what the problem is, but it won't let me fix it. I tell you what, Bill Gates had better cure AIDS, because otherwise his whole freakin' existence is forfeit.

So, I went for a beer. It was a great idea.

My wireless connection at home still doesn't work, but thanks to the super-friendly (okay, at least dutifully willing to help me) folks at the Marquette ITS helpdesk, I'm sitting on a couch, just me and me wee laptop -- no cords or nothin'! -- blogging for your enjoyment and mine.

Luckily, I still have all kinds of cords and cables at home which allow me to partake of the richness of the World Wide Web, but it does keep me tied to my desk and unable to flit about my abode and surf, say, in bed. Which has always been one of my fondest goals.

Although you may not think so the first time I blog before coffee...

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