Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gettin' my groove back

I'm baaaack!

Though I've posted a couple of times, they've been lame, I admit. I've been tired and sore from my shoulder woes and haven't wanted to do much of anything but read and sleep when I'm not in the lab. Not that I'm all better -- far from it -- but I've redoubled my efforts to get back into the swing of all things crafty and bloggy.

To that end, here's my Saturday Sky -- a beautiful, blue, cloudless sky that speaks to the gorgeous weather that we're in for today and tomorrow. Clear, sunny, 70F. I don't have any clear plans, but I may go out and about at some point. We'll see. Spontaneity! Thy name is Sus! (That's totally untrue, but I'm going with it this weekend)

So I'm crocheting this morning. Nothing to show at the moment, but tomorrow I'll show the progress on a WIP (it won't be particularly exciting, but it's something!). I'm also looking around for a good purse pattern.

In 2000, I won a jackpot of several hundred dollars in Las Vegas. I decided to spend the windfall on one large thing that I could always look at and say, "I won that in Vegas!" So I bought something that I could never otherwise justify -- a Coach bag. I love my Coach bag (even though it has always made me a little ashamed of the crap I gave my friend Trish when she did the same thing with her graduation money in 1992. What can I say? I've changed. Sorry, Trish.), but since then I've not been able to justify spending money on another purse. So. Styles change, trends come and go, and I want something small, springy, and cute. It totally doesn't count if I make the purse, I've decided. So, I'll make the purse. But it has to be a free pattern and made with yarn in my stash. So many rules! Also, it has to be something quick and easy because I want to use it soon. Now would be great, but even I'm not that great. Tee hee.

So, if you can bear to hold on for one more day (I know it's hard, but you're a trooper! You can do anything! You're a rockstar!), I'll have actual crochet content and the preliminary results of my purse pattern hunt. Oh, how we're all atwitter!



Tricia said...

You gave me crap about my Coach bag? I honestly don't remember that. (Crap about my earrings, however, is an entirely different story.) Anyway, it might make you giggle to know I got sick of that bag. I never carry it anymore. Still have it though, because as one's mother might say "Hey! That was an expensive purse!" An expensive, 15-year-old purse. Maybe I should just sell it on eBay.

YarnThrower said...

I can hardly WAIT to hear the results of your crafty efforts today.....

Lynn said...

With a sky like that, who needs to do anything but go outside and enjoy it!!!

Leslie Shelor said...

You deserve another bag, Coach or no Coach! But one you made yourself is great, too. Wonderful sky!

DawnK said...

Wasn't it a gorgeous day yesterday? My kids and I hung out, at the Milwaukee lakefront, for a while yesterday afternoon. It was wonderful having such warm weather!