Sunday, January 14, 2007

The All-Seeing Tissue Box Cover

I have delayed the removal of Christmas from my apartment. My tree is so sweet as it sheds its fairy light, my sleigh bells greet me each time I come home and open my door, my gingerbread house tissue box cover makes me smile through my sneezes. And I am loathe to let it go. But, as a reasonable human (who doesn't want to dust her Christmas tree ornaments), I know I must move on into the new year. But I simply can't bear the idea of removing so many festive things and replacing them with nothing, so I made myself a deal. I would create something new and festive in a non-holiday specific way and would only take down Christmas when it was done. Well, it's done and now I can put away the Holidays with a lighter heart.

Mad, mad props go out to Lady Linoleum at Monster Crochet whose creations have been my main inspiration for this project. After the intense love I discovered for the gingerbread house tissue box cover, I knew that the thing I could bear the least was a nekkid tissue box. So I decided to create a new tissue box cover that I could truly be proud of -- nay, I wanted a tissue box cover that my husband would be proud of. There's a tall order fer ya. But I think I've succeeded. He'll see it here the same as y'all, so I don't know for sure yet (maybe he'll leave a comment and let me know!) but I have faith in my knowledge of his taste.

So here it is, the All-Seeing Tissue Box Cover:

Yes, there are eyes on all sides, so you can't ever escape the gaze of your tissue:

I hope LL isn't horrified at this usage of her "look". I do truly love it so.


Melissa said...

How eye-poppingly FABULOUS!!!!! How completely and totally eyesome!!!! You are such a visionary in your crocheting!!! (are you gagging on my Kirk-like puns?)
Seriously, this is totally cool---love ya!!!!!!!

aija said...

Spooky! I love the iris colors.

Dorothy said...

That's awesome! I love it!

Professor said...

Sadly, I've played enough D&D that tis looks vaugely familiar. Is it a beyonder? Something like that?

Very cool tissue box Scuzzy. Donnie likes.

Professor said...

Ha! Beholder!

Becky said...

That is too cool!

I, too, hate to take down my Christmas decorations. The house seems so empty and dull without them.

ladylinoleum said...

I *love* it!!!