Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hungry Like the Scarf

2011 is off to a roaring start! Things have been busy at work, I've been a little handworking bee, and a new design idea is percolating in my wee brain (though I'm not even swatching it until these UFOs are done). I've managed to keep my first goal of the new year, as well, so I'm calling the first week of '11 a success. :)

Earlier (read: last year) I promised some pics of the only FO I have right now that I can actually show you. (Yes, I'm still gift crocheting things from last year. It happens.) I actually started this last February and only finished on Christmas Eve. It's kind of my year-long Christmas present to myself. It's not fancy at all. It's the ubiquitous Baktus scarf that 5100 other people on Ravelry are sporting these days. Good, mindless TV knitting. Yes, it's just a triangle. I said it wasn't fancy. But I did take it outside on a pretty day and try to get decent photos of it. I even tried to be artsy and everything.

Yes, I know; I failed. Although the sky is blue and clear and the sun was shining, it was cold and windy and this was the best I could do before I said screw it. I did manage to get a shot of it on me before my fingers froze completely off.

Baktus by Strikkelise
Zitron Trekking XXL in colorway 333 (brown/purple) with US2 needles

No, it's not fancy, but it's warm and it goes with everything. I'm very pleased with it. It's got me very excited to get to all the delicious selfish projects I have lined up. Including that new design I'm working out in my head... Mwahahaha!

This afternoon, Christmas is coming down. I listened to Christmas carols while I put everything up, but the piped-in music at HyVee this morning has got me in the mood for some serious Duran... You all just wish you could see the interpretative dance that's going to accompany this little task!

No, no you probably don't. ;)


Becky G said...

Wait, do you mean you're not going to post a video of your interpretive dance? I'm sure my art quotient just bottomed out.

Maya Kuzman said...

Some great mind of a designer once said (have no idea who that was)that "Simplicity is the essence of elegance" and I try to follow that whatever I do. Your scarf is fabulous and as you said "it goes with everything". That should be enough!

Unknown said...

Your Baktus is very nice. I´ve also knitted already several ones and although this pattern might not be the most interesting one, its most time one of the Baktus scarfs (or an other simple garter triangle) I wear when its cold outside than as you said "It goes with everthing" Simple things are still the best :) A wonderful Sunday to you!

YarnThrower said...

So, in meeting your first goal so far, I'm taking that to mean that you haven't driven a golf cart into the front of your building yet this year, and that is awesome!

Can't wait to see the design percolating in your brain, though I have to say the scarf you just finished is very lovely -- looks good in the tree, but better on you :-)

shumaila said...

I totally AGREE with Little Treasures, your scarf is simply fab, loved it!

Vera said...

Love that scarf. I need to get one on the needles. Goodness knows I have the yarn.