Free Patterns

I may yet move the free patterns to this page, but for now they all remain available in the sidebar to the right!


Linda said...

I would like to make the Crystal Fantasy Snowflake, but cannot find translations for the symbols.

8-) CWB said...

Hello. I am a little bit more than a beginner and continues to learn about crocheting. I love the design of the Spring Petals Backpack, but there's a part in the instruction under Bag Body, Round 15, "Working in free back loops." I don't what this means, and I looked it up on several of my how-to crochet books and I could not find it. I am hoping that someone could please help me make sense of this instruction. Thank you.

Sus said...

I'm sorry you're having trouble!

In row 14, you crocheted into the front loops only. In row 15 you crochet into the back loops of the same row you crocheted into on row 14. You crochet into the same row twice -- once in the front loops, then into the back loops.

I hope that clarifies a bit. Happy crocheting!

Jeannette said...

I don't know how to save those patterns when they're like that.

Sharon said... on pattern pic of choice, when pattern page is displayed, click on Ctrl+P and make sure it is being saved as a pdf file, save it to your favorite location for accessing.