Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sunshine day


First, in Saturday Sky business, I've finally got a pretty, blue sky with interesting cloud formations to show you. These are my favorite -- much better than plain blue squares or gray haze. So I kind of feel like the sky gave me a little present today!

Okay, now on to the truly important part of the post -- I'm done with classes! My last final was on Wednesday and I've just kind of been decompressing since then. For some reason I thought I would start a flurry of activity right after my last exam, catching up on all the things I'd not been able to do (at least without big guilt) because I'd been studying. Ha ha! That's a good one! No, the last few days I've been sitting around like a lump on a log, reading a bit, crocheting a much smaller bit, listening to the radio and vegetating. My largest accomplishment has been painting my toenails. But they sure are purdy now!

So today I have to work in the lab and then I really have to tackle the laundry problem. It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure what to wear while I do laundry. My current outfit has been Febreezed within an inch of its life. Gross, huh?

Tomorrow there will be craft content! w00t!


Becky G said...

Congratulations on finishing classes.

I know what you mean about not doing anything. I get that way on weekends. After barely having time to breathe during the week, I start the weekends with big plans to catch up--on house work, yard work, etc--but usually I end up sitting around knitting and watching TV. It doesn't make for exciting news on Mondays when I go back to work and people asked me what I did over the weekend.

"Laundry, and I got my Allegra refilled."

YarnThrower said...

YAY!!!! Always a great feeling to be done for the semester!! Accomplishment AND relief! Congrats!

Not to put the pressure on or anything :-) ...but I'll be watching for the craft content (or relieved to hear that you have something clean to wear.... :-)

Enjoy your temporary break from classes!

Anonymous said...

Purdy toes are important!

Enjoy all the guilt-free stuff you can now do. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yes, the laundry virus - it keeps multiplying... Eveyone deserves some time off for fun stuff like pedicures, you've worked hard, enjoy!