Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wherein crazy lady tells too much, probably

Happy Saturday Sky!

Well, not totally happy because it's supposed to rain all weekend and all next week. Not that we can't use some rain, but this may become overkill. Now that I live in the city, I'm not as aware of the precipitation needs of the agricultural base, which is a little weird. But I'm pretty sure a solid week of rain in August is not what anyone was hoping for.

This has been an odd week. First of all, I haven't felt that great. I had a bright idea that I would start on a high fiber diet, because I'm sure my body would greatly benefit and also because Walgreens had a crazy sale on Grape Nuts and frozen vegetables. And at the risk of venturing into the world of TMI, let me tell you that suddenly increasing your fiber intake by over 100% does some freaky uncomfortable and disgusting things to your bod. I recommend that anyone else trying this just take the week off from work. My plan is to be strong, continue on and hope I adjust soon. That, or the regular price of Grape Nuts will force me to go back so subsisting mostly on cheap white bread, peanut butter and Ramen. I can only imagine that the reverse transition would be disgusting as well.

This week marks one year since I moved to Beer Town! w00t! My love for this city has grown steadily during that time to the point where any time I travel to other places I have a running internal commentary of how Milwaukee is better. This happened when I was in Toronto in July and it happened when I was in Chicago on Thursday. I think I'm crazy smitten and people are really starting to get tired of it. You know when your friend first gets a new girl/boyfriend? And if they say one more dazzlingly fabulous thing about the ravishing perfection of said new friend you will possibly jab their eyes out and/or shoot them in the throat? Yeah, I think I may be that girl. Only about an entire city, which is maybe just really, really sick. But I'm starting to think such an attack would be totally worth it because I totally love this crazy awesome city just that much. Hi! Crazy lady right here!

I know the burning question in your mind during that whole tirade of craziness was, "Why was Sus in Chicago on Thursday?" Never fear, I'll totally tell you. See, New Friend Veronica's old roommate Kristen is an intern for the NPR news quiz, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!, which I've loved listening to for about seven years. She got us free tickets for last Thursday's taping, so we motored down with much excitement. Traffic was pretty bad, so we ended up pulling into a parking structure a couple of blocks away from the Chase Tower about ten minutes before taping was to begin. This caused us to run two blocks in an attempt to not be late. Neither V nor I actually run in real life, especially without the aid of industrial strength sports bras, so the actual running was accompanied by a running commentary of how we don't really run and also, "My boobs are flopping like crazy, you?" and "Totally. I may put an eye out any second." I'm sure passersby found this cute and endearing.

So we got there, found the correct door, and made our way to the auditorium. Thoughts of the auditorium in the Chase Tower had always conjured up thoughts of an, oh I don't know, auditorium in a tower. And, while the building is, in fact, towering, the auditorium is actually down in the basement with a low little ceiling and a pretty small little stage. I don't know what else they do there -- probably incredible bank-related theater, I'm sure. On this night, due to some miscommunication, they had overbooked the show. So, while a group of people were standing around hoping for no-shows, we were swept into the packed auditorium and led to reserved seats in the front row directly in front of the panel! Sassy! We were incredibly special! Personally, I think all aspects of my life should work in this manner.

Watching the taping was great fun. The panel included Tom Bodett (he'll leave the light on for you), Amy Dickenson, and Mo Rocca. I think I was the only person there that was genuinely excited that the Not My Job guest was congressman Ron Paul. I think he's awesome (Hi! I live here in my pretty, little, high-up apartment, making googly eyes at my city and feeling it return my love manyfold. I can't be bothered to care what you think of my politics). Afterwards there was a question/answer session during which Peter Sagel almost fell into my arms. Okay, he sort of tripped and almost took a header sort of towards me, but that doesn't sound as cool. After the show, we went and ate McDonald's in the train station with Kristen because we are so classy like that. The ride home consisted largely of V and I belting out Journey's greatest hits which is always a good time in my book.

It was a really late night but it was so worth it. We're hoping to do it again soon. If I survive eating all these Grape Nuts.



Anonymous said...

My insane jealousy of you for seeing Wait Wait taped can *absolutely* trump your love for your city. Seriously. My jealousy is all consuming and just a little bit freaky.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the show! I'm looking forward to your next visit to the Windy City.

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