Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life by numbers

1) It sold for $48,000.

2) Yes, you read that right.

3) Though it was temporarily resurrected, the computer has finally done died. Although I keep hoping that if I say that enough, it will spontaneously resurrect again. I shan't hold my breath.

4) Broncos won last night!!

5) Gator was in the hospital but is out now and feels much better. Yay!

6) Of the two exams I took last week, and was as woefully unprepared for one as I was the other -- on one I got one of the highest grades, on the other I got the low score. See how life balances everything out? Don't they tout that as a good thing? Aren't they smokin' crack?

7) I think it's finally really autumn here. My favorite. :) But it's very hard to describe to my Indian and Chinese classmates the merits of "football weather". Oh well.


Melissa said...

Something definitely needs to be done about this computer situation. We shall all pray for it's resurrection. Hey, it happened for J.C., right? Good vibes to Gator, and, well, how does one describe "football weather"?

Anonymous said...

How does Football weather differ from sweater weather? This is a serious question, as I don't football. We had our first frost last night. Nice. And, I had just bought a rather hearty pumpkin for carving. I loves October!