Friday, November 24, 2006

If a plan died in my apartment, would it make a sound?

I have had this vision for several years now. And I've decided it's never coming to fruition. It probably wouldn't work, anyway, or someone would have done it by now.

Back when we sold the house and moved out west, I gave away the Christmas tree. It had been Mother's; it was the tree we'd had the whole time I was growing up. It leaned horribly and I couldn't figure out how to right it without, like, tethering it to the wall or something. Also, at the time, I was not really into Christmas that much, beyond gathering with family and friends and sharing a good meal. So I got rid of it. I don't regret it or anything, the thing was ragged. But, the point is, I've never replaced it. And I didn't want to. I wanted to Not Have A Tree.

But, you see, my mother and I also collected ornaments. Hallmark Frosty Friends ornaments, to be exact. Every year we got the new one and put it front and center on the tree, surrounded by the Friends of years past. It's a very successful series for the Hallmark company -- this year is the 28th in the series. I have every single one of them. I've carried on the collection since Mama died. And I have many other ornaments besides these -- Star Wars ornaments, ones that I made when I was younger, some of the ones that Mama would bring home to me when she went on her yearly excursion to Crown Center with the bridge club.

So, the point is, I have tons of ornaments. But I didn't want a tree. You see, I had a Plan. The plan was, get lots of green garland, drape it artfully along the tops of the walls, and hang the ornaments from the garland all around the room. In my mind's eye this is fabulous. It's been seven years since I gave away the tree and I have never tried the Plan. And you know what? I never will. I've given up.

Today I needed some lip balm. I'm addicted to lip balm. I'm one of those people who keeps a tube in her backpack, in the desk, in the nightstand, in the bathroom, in every coat pocket, in each purse, etc., etc. My favorite lip balm of all time is Caswell Massey Natural Therapy Lip Balm With Vitamin E. But, alas, they have been back ordered for six months with no end in sight. So I'm running out left and right. I went to Walgreens today to get some original Chapstick to tide me over until I can order more Caswell Massey or I figure out what to love instead.

Okay, that was off topic, but it brings me to Walgreens. Just inside the door they had a big sign proclaiming their one-day-only half-price sale of 6' pre-lighted Christmas trees. $20. I totally caved. I knew the Plan wasn't going to work, especially not in my apartment with the threats about too many holes in the walls and the windows on almost every wall up to the ceiling. So I got a really cheap tree. And as you can guess, the really cheap tree was not the most elegant thing ever put together out of a cardboard box:

But here's the thing about Christmas trees -- even really sad trees, once you get them all decorated and lit are beautiful and festive:

There are still ornaments that didn't even make it onto the tree and it is packed. So festive!

Since I don't have a fireplace, I don't have a mantel, so I hung my stocking near the heat vent, which is, coincidentally, where I have some action figures, so Santa will know for sure it's me he's dealing with when he comes.

Add in that tissue box cover and few other tchotchkes and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas up in here.

And I didn't hear a thing.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely. Really. Just beautiful.

We may do our today- we've been outside doing those decorations (plus I had to mow the lawn- something oddly incongruous about that, isn't there?) and the *other* inside decs are done...just dont' know if I have the energy to go get the tree, decorate the tree...

but this gives me inspiration. Just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful. I haven't gotten mine up yet, but hope to in the coming week.

Anonymous said...

Not to duplicate, but damn you are a regular Charlie Brown!

Love you, toots!