Saturday, June 30, 2007

It has begun!

No, not Mortal Kombat, but the... ::insert dramatic music here:: ...SOCK!!

But first, Saturday Sky. For visual interest, I selected for my subject the only cloud in the sky...

Isn't it wispy and nice? It promises to be a lovely day. I'm sure all the folks who are venturing out to Summerfest will appreciate it! (Never fear, I'm going next week.)

Now, pictures of the elusive first sock ever in its unnatural habitat (it usually lives on the floor next to a teal swivel rocker, but the light there sucks):

I took Becky's advice and am starting with Silver's sock tutorial before I hunker down with other yummy patterns like Breeze and Crusoe. I only had to cast on three times before I was happy enough with it to continue. It's a simple 2x2 ribbing on the top, but I really like the way the yarn is pooling and that adds sufficient interest to the otherwise plain top. Yes, it's a tiny start, but it's a start!!

Today will involve some lab work this evening (Oooh, a rockin' Saturday night for Sus!), and a little outing today that I will blog about tomorrow. Stay tuned for pr0n...




Becky G said...

Yippee! A sock! Don't you just love Silver's tutorial? Very detailed and lots of photos.

I like the way your yarn is pooling also. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Wheee! A sock, a sock!

Lynn said...

I like the way your sock is coming along! I personally like simpler patterns when knitting with a variegated yarn. I like the yarn to be the star instead of the pattern. I cant wait to see this sock progress along. And then you will be hooked!!
Great sky too. Amazing how some days there is barely any clouds.