Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Playing catch-up

Hang on to yer hankies, kids, it's all happening. Everything I've promised to show and failed miserably to follow through on. So sit back, get comfy, and bask in the part of my life that doesn't involve sucking up protozoa through a teeny tiny tube.

First off, unfinished Snowflake Mondays business. Yesterday's flake is now blocked and stiffened.

I'm not happy with it, but it's my fault, not the design's. First of all, I switched from a commercial stiffener to a mixture of white glue and water and it just isn't very stiff. Many people swear by the white glue, but so far I'm not impressed. Also, if I do it again I will use bigger thread (this is #20). You should have seen it in the voodoo stage -- it was just a sea of pinheads. There was barely room for me to pin some parts. Oh well, live and learn. But I love the design. Thanks again, Judy!

The Zodiac is finished except for the zipper (which I haven't purchased yet) and embroidery. The I-cord isn't perfect, but I got so frustrated with it that I was happy when it turned out this well. Otherwise I might have thrown it across the room and given up. So, in the interest of my mental health I decided to let go a little, slip out of the perfectionist persona, and call any errors "artifacts of a lovingly hand-made item". Plus, the wonky bit is mostly in the back where I can't see it, so I can live in denial. :)

Oh! And I found the cutest little buttons that I think are perfect for it! Cute, cheerful and bright. Lurve them!

Now, I realize that my previous photo of my first sock was barely a start at all. It wasn't a sock, it was jut a little tube -- it could have been anything! But now -- now -- it can only be one thing...

That, kids, is a SOCK!! Still don't believe me? Would it help if I stuck a poorly pedicured foot in it? It would? Okay, then...

Yep, that's a sock alright. Whee!

Last Saturday, I went on a little outing. There's a yarn store called Ruhama's to the north, up in Whitefish Bay, that has a nice website and is, most importantly, just a couple of blocks from a bus stop. It's also only about six blocks from Bayshore Town Center, a big new outdoor mall. I decided to make a day of it.

I did remember to take my camera with me. But, did I remember to actually take any pictures during the day? Of course not! This is Sus! Sus is an idiot! When Sus is shopping, she becomes as a chimpanzee! "Oh, look! Shiny! Ooooh! No! Look there! Shinier!" The best laid plans become dim, distant memories swept over by a sea of pretty things that Sus does not, but possibly could, own. I swear I'm a walking advertisement for evolution. 'Cause there ain't nothin' intelligent 'bout this design.

Now, you would think, since it was my first stop and the idea was fresh in my mind, that I would at least remember to take some photos of the great selection at Ruhama's, and I did. Remember, that is. But, thought me, I won't just barge into this lovely little shop, run, I'm sure, by sweet ladies, and start randomly photographing their stuff. So, my great plan went, I would go in, look around, chat with the yarn store people, develop a bit of a rapport, then start randomly photographing their stuff. A fine plan, I'm sure. But then, then, I was distracted...

... by CLEARANCE YARN!! Stacks and stacks of bags of yarn offered for less than half price! Alpaca! Silk! Mohair! Merino! Cotton! It was everywhere! I was helpless -- completely, utterly helpless. I looked, I stroked, I dreamed, I selected, I did mental math, I purchased! All thoughts of grand plans flew straight out me wee noggin. I was able somehow, mostly by thoughts of eviction and sitting in the dark without internet access due to bill nonpayment, to keep my fiscal sanity. But I did a mighty fine job, methinks.

Now, this is serious yarn pr0n. You may want to avert your eyes. Some of you won't care a whit, but some of you will. And I do and, really, isn't that what's important? ;)

Dale of Norway's Stork 100% cotton fingering weight, color "5", a pale, pale green. Two balls, 390 yds total. Destined to become Breeze socks.

Rowan Classic Natural Silk Aran, 73% viscose, 15% silk, 12% linen, color 464 "Aero". Four balls, 284 yds total. Destiny undetermined.

Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Baby Alpaca Sport Weight. Five balls, 600 yds total. Destiny undetermined.

Whew! I may need a nap now. ;)

So, that's what I've been up to. Upcoming fun? Well, tonight it's Summerfest to see Weird Al, and next week I travel to Toronto for a week to visit a lab at York University to learn an immunocytochemistry technique. And I'm gonna try real, real hard with that picture takin' thang.

Really, I am!!



jmk said...

Hey, the flake looks great! So my pattern wasn't complete jibberish, then? Sorry it was a b*gger to pin out. I used #20 and mine came out 3" across - what size is yours?

Becky G said...

The flake looks great, and so does the sock. I like the way that colorway is knitting up. The zodiac thingy looks good, too.

YarnThrower said...

Your sock looks sooo great!!!! YAY! Also, your snowflake is quite impressive, too, though I'm not the expert on them that you are...but really, I think it's nice. Cute, cute buttons for the baby gift -- I know they'll love it, and I see nothing even remotely wonky in your photo.

I think I may have been to that yarn store you mention, several years ago. Is it the one which has each yarn nicely labelled by a tag on the front of the bin indicating the yardage per ball, the weight, the composition, and the number of balls required to make a long sleeve sweater?...or something like that. There's some store up there on Silver Spring? which I thought was really nice, but not sure it is the one you went to. Anyway, fun to see your stash acquisitions!

Lynn said...

I REALLY like the buttons for that dress. It matches PERFECTLY IMO. And the socks look great. And OH MY on the new stash!!! I think you controlled yourself VERY well!! Great stuff!!