Monday, December 17, 2007


Hi! Still not dead! In fact, feeling fairly jaunty for the moment. How are you?

In order to accomplish everything I needed to towards the end of this semester, I had to just put the hammer down and remove myself from the blogosphere entirely. So I haven't posted, and I haven't read any blogs since before Thanksgiving. So I have no idea what's up with y'all. It'll take forever for me to catch up. But I'll get there!

But I have officially made it through the semester, taken all my finals, written all my papers, and graded all the exams for the class I TA. I'm free! Well, except for all that research, but I'm actually looking forward to being able to focus on that alone for about a month. It will be great, in fact. And fairly normal feeling -- I'll spend a lot of time in the lab, I'm sure, but I get to actually leave at some point, and then I don't have to study or grade or prepare for discussions, etc, etc, etc. How novel! That means I get to knit and crochet some! Awesome! I've been jonesing.

The first thing I did was finish a little project I had started over Thanksgiving. See, every year the Biological Sciences department has a Christmas party that includes a potluck and a white elephant gift exchange. Last year I decided that this year I would make something for the gift exchange. So I whipped up a little something and I just finished it -- happy dance!

Oh, what is it, you ask?

Well, what would you make for a white elephant gift exchange?

I thought it was a no-brainer, actually...

I also started a couple little projects that I can't show just yet... But when I can, I will. Ah, this project startin' and finishin' just feels so good!!

Hopefully, we're back to our regularly scheduled blogging...



YarnThrower said...

I've missed you, but totally understand the complications of academia -- AND, I just have the one class! (Well, until this evening at about 8:30pm, that is, when I'll be free, free, free at last....)

Enjoy your time! I LOVE your white elephant!

jmk said...

Great to "see" you again. I missed you! But I so respect your strength of will.

Just love the ellie - DIY or pattern?

Becky G said...

I've missed you too! Glad to see you back among the blogging.

The white elephant is too cute!

DawnK said...

Awww, your little elephant is adorable! The kids and I have a potluck/white elephant gift exchange, with our knitting group on Thursday. Emily and I made dishcloths and Sarah has been crocheting gingerbread ornaments. I can't wait.

I was too busy to notice that you'd been busy, too! It's when I saw your post on Ravelry, that I remembered to come and check your blog.

Melissa said...

Yippee!!! Back among the living, so pleased to to have you again. The white elephant is adorable and oh so appropo. Someone will love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey ho, welcome back. I have several housemates who have, or are about to lift their heads from their books and look around a little bit. I just finished my last day of work before Christmas (tho I go back to work on the 26th). Anyway good to see ya again!