Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I did on my Christmas Break

Christmas was nice and quiet and cozy. I talked to Gator a couple of times, made a little Christmas dinner, watched DVDs and knit. I finished my new hat!

I made up the pattern, but it's just alternating 6-stitch cables and stockinette, so no great shakes. But I like it! It has a nice, big brim that folds up to make a warm double layer over my ears and forehead.

The brim is so big that you can't really see the pattern unless I look down like this. Of course, now it's not cold enough to need it, but it looks like tomorrow I'll be glad I got it done -- big storm's a-brewing for Beer Town.

I mailed Gator's hat to him yesterday, so as soon as I have word that it's arrived, I'll post pics of it, too. But it doesn't really look right on my small noggin since it's made for a much larger head. Maybe sometime I can get pics of Gator modeling it. I wouldn't hold my breath, though.

I don't feel very well this morning, so I'll go to the lab a bit late. There's not a great deal to do there anyway, but I do have a lot of reading to do. I really wish I'd arranged to take more time off over the holidays, even if I didn't go anywhere. I feel I need some re-charging time after such a strenuous semester. I'm sure it will be fine -- it's not like I'm working that hard right now anyway.

It's been fun browsing around the Blogosphere, seeing what y'all did for the holidays. Plus, I got pulled into the vortex that is Facebook, so I've been strolling around there a bit, too.

If you haven't already posted it, what did you do for your holidays?



YarnThrower said...

I love your hat, and it looks great on you!

We're battling bugs here, too...just got back from taking my five year old to the doctor, and though he was extremely UNcooperative, the doctor determined that he has some stuff going on in his lungs warranting antibiotics and an inhaler. I think I'm going to haul my butt to the urgent care tonight -- similar stuff, with the addition of a sore throat. Crummy being sick, but at least the timing works into our schedule this week :-) I hope you are feeling better sooner rather than later!

So glad you are having a bit of a rest! Kids are fighting, so gotta run...

Becky G said...

I love the hat. I look forward to my Christmas break every year. Even if I don't go anywhere, at least I don't go to work either!

Anonymous said...

Would you be shocked to hear that I'm scared to knit a hat? I am though. Thinking about it, wanting to, but scared. This one is wonderful!

We didn't go anywhere or do anything. All our family is out of state (multiple states) and so we usually wing it alone for each and every holiday. Luckily we like each other. I cooked a big turkey dinner and redeemed myself from the crappy one I served for Thanksgiving.

Terra said...

Cute hair colour, its so cheery!!

Leslie Shelor said...

Great hat! Your Christmas sounds about like mine; lots of knitting and hanging out.