Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I just haven't felt like it

Life is pretty boring (or, at least, unremarkable) -- school/work, cook/eat, surf the 'net, work on a big project I can't show/tell about yet, and sleep. That is a very accurate description of my life right now.

Everything is okay, I'm just distracted by the beginning of the semester and lab work and just getting back into the groove of the semester. I guess I just don't got nothin' to say. :)

I did take a Saturday Sky pic on Saturday morning, I just never posted it. It's snowed a bunch since then.

It was sunny, but ccccoooolllddd. It's still very cold, but not quite as cold as it was this weekend.

I also started a Christmas stocking for the new baby of a former professor. It's completion is on hold until after the giant gift project. Hopefully I'll be able to show you more soon.

In real life it is a dusty rose color. Not hot pink. I promise.

That's all. More later.



Becky G said...

Pretty sky; pretty stocking.

Your life sounds just about as dull as mine does! Work, clean house (so to speak) karate, sleep, work, and so it goes.

YarnThrower said...

Hmmmm...I couldn't help but notice in the sidebar "Gator's Secret Anniversary Gift". Hmmm....

I always feel guilty when the smoke coming out of the smokestacks looks so big and white and harmful on such cold days, though I know it's there all the time, but I just really notice it on the cold days. Anyway...

Routine is good. Nice to hear from you even when you've "got nothin' to say" :-)