Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've mostly recovered from my sickness -- just a little bit of coughing and sniffling left. But much better!! I no longer have that hit-by-a-truck feeling! This is a vast improvement!

So, since Anne and Andy have gotten hitched (and Anne successfully defended her dissertation on Tuesday -- Yay, Dr. Anne!!!), I can show finished pictures of their wedding gift. I had showed some of the in-progress photos because I wasn't sure it was actually going to be their gift for a while there. Here is the funky fresh ripple afghan in all its glory:

I made it as long as my sofa so it would be nice and big for cuddling up under. I also tried to photograph it with an artful drape like they do in the pattern books, but I think I ended up with more of a "here's what it looks like wadded up on the couch" vibe:

I attended Anne and Andy's gift opening brunch, so I got to see them open it:

I hope they cuddle under it to many a rousing football game this winter!
Pattern: Easy Ripple Afghan by Susan B
Yarn: worsted weight stash acrylic of many types
Hook: size US H

I also started on a Christmas gift for my MIL, that I'm calling the Waterlilies Scarf. The Easy Dropped Stitch Scarf pattern looks really nice in the Monet colorway of Red Heart and really does remind me of his waterlilies paintings. If the sun ever shines here again, I'll get a nicer photo that shows off the color. But for now, this will have to do:

Much catching up to do in the lab -- hope you're all having a fun and productive week!



Becky G said...

Love the afghan! I know the happy couple will make good use of it.

The scarf in those colors is so pretty! Can't wait to see the finished object.

YarnThrower said...

Very cool scarf pattern. I might have to cook up one of those! You find the very coolest online free patterns!

Melissa said...

Beautiful afghan, and it was so totally artfully draped.

jmk said...

Yeah, how do they do that artful drape thing?

I'm a bad cyber-friend. I didn't even know you weren't well. Glad you're getting better. At least it gave you a chance to start that gorgeous scarf!