Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's ending to smell a little like...

I have a co-worker who whistles subconsciously while walking through the halls. He has a dozen or so go-to tunes, but he does get stuck on one from time to time. At least two of the songs in his repertoire are Christmas carols and they break out regardless of season. In fact, July and August were big Sleigh Ride months. I find this trait endearing and I don't mind the year-round caroling, that is, until the songs get stuck in my head. So when, in thinking of a title for this post, I thought it might be cute and apropo to go with "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...", I slapped my head and started saying, "No, no, NO!!" Now that song will be stuck in my head! Argh!

Hehe. You're welcome.

Look down! Back at me!

Surgery recovery continues and things are going pretty well. Especially when I either stay up or stay down. It's the in-between that still gets me, but we're progressing. So I stay up for a bit, puttering in the kitchen or running a broom over the floor (this place is a dried grass magnet, I swear!), then I sit down and veg out, surf the 'net or crochet a bit. I've been working on the never-ending afghan but, as promised, I took a break to make a Christmas stocking.

I made all the motifs on Friday, then pieced them together Saturday morning. I didn't get a very good photo (red is so hard to photograph accurately!), but this will do. I re-photographed it in natural light (go figure!) and it looks a lot better. I think it's colorful and fun a good size for collecting lots of Christmas loot! I hope the recipient of this bit of holiday cheer likes it!

Polka Dot Christmas Stocking by Priscilla Hewitt
Stash acrylic yarn
Size US H hook

I like it and am quite happy with it. It's alsoreally nice to have a completed project to look at and stroke and share and talk about in the midst of a long afghan project that has felt like it would never end.

Now back to the afghan with a little more pep! 14 blocks to go! It's beginning to look a lot like an afghan! Hee!!!

You're so, so welcome. ;)

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Becky G said...

I've been singing He Is Born all year. When I'm at work, and my mind is empty, that's the tune that runs through my head.

As for Old Spice parodies, this is my favorite:

(Sorry, you're going to have to copy and paste it. I couldn't figure out the HTML. Heck, it took me 4 tries to spell "figure" right!)