Monday, May 28, 2012

The Official Year

I have unofficially (heck, it’s my house – make it official! Yell it from the rooftops! I can change my mind later if I want!) declared this year the year of COLOR!

Our split-level condo has lots of plusses, but an overabundance of natural light is not one of them. Pair this with generally neutral furnishings and my long-standing love of navy blue, and things can get pretty drab pretty fast.

So I’m punching it up! Adding some pizzazz up in here! Gettin’ jiggy wit’ it! Or other phrases I sound just as ridiculous saying. Trust me. Or, in more knit-friendly slang: I’m busting some stash and brightening things up with some cool retro motifs!

I started small with a tissue box cozy adapted from that most beloved retro motif – the Granny square. So quick, so easy and so addictive that I made two in just a couple of hours. My only complaint is that I can see through to the tissue box a little too readily, but read on for my future plans to fix this…

Granny's Tissue Box Cover by Daniela Herbertz
Assorted acrylic scraps, US G hook

Then I moved on to throw pillows. A little grouping of cheerful pillows on a neutral sofa can really punch up the color level in a room quite quickly!

I purchased a nice, large, soft form for the largest pillow since my existing throw pillows were quite small.

Think of Japan While Knitting block motif
Assorted acrylic scraps, size US G hook

The smaller pillows were navy blue but now they're much more eye-catching! Granny squares are quite a "holey" and I was afraid the old pillow would show through too much. So I went with the Spiky Granny Square motif that fills in the holes quite a bit more. The center part of the square still has the traditional holes, so I made the center navy to lessen the contrast as much as possible.

 Spiky Granny Square by Bunny Mummy
Assorted acrylic scraps, size US G hook

The Spikey Granny Square will also be adapted for future tissue box cover projects to keep the cardboard from showing through. I'll keep you updated on how it works!

The backs were a lighter shade so I varied the colorway on the back of the pillow and made the center lighter. Plus I have a slightly different look by simply flipping the pillow over!

The ripple pattern covers the old pillow completely, so I didn't have to worry about any show-through. I made this in an envelope style, slipped the pillow in, and buttoned it up with some plain but awesomely bright buttons.

Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB
Assorted acrylic scraps, size US G hook

The ripple goes all the way around the pillow, so I can flip this one over to change up the look as well!


I smile every time I see these splashes of color in my living room!

 Next on the color front are some antimacassars made using the African Flower motif. But these are kind of on the back burner because I've just cast on my fifth shawl of the year.

 Oh yeah, that's right -- this is also apparently officially the year of SHAWLS...

 Officially the year of "I'm crazy" is more like it...


Becky G said...

I love your little splashes of color! They really brighten things up.

YarnThrower said...

Your posts always make me smile! I totally lurve those pillows! I might have to learn how to crochet or something...

shumaila said...

Wow you have made super colourful cushions! They have really brightened up your sofa. I totally understand that awesome feeling when you see colourful cushions around!

DawnK said...

Your pillows and tissue box cover are all so pretty! I really have to practice some crocheting!