Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Argh! I mean, Yay!

Argh. Well, the George/Eleni-gan has become the George/Eleni-gan of my discontent. I've completed most of the blocks and have pieced together three strips. There are supposed to be five strips, total. Here I have laid the three completed strips out on the seat of my completely normal-sized couch:

With only two more strips to go, and only about an inch-wide edging all around, this afgan is not going to be big enough. We're planning on a healthy, full-term baby here, people. This, of course, means that I am nowhere close to done with the thing. I'm thinking two blocks added to each strip, then two additional strips. Grumble. Technically, I have until January to finish, but I was really hoping to knock it out before I had to start packing.

So, in fabulous Sus style, I have decided to ignore the problem. What? A problem, you say? P'shaw. I have been hoarding (whoreding?) some wonderful navy and chartreuse cotton (Sinfonia is awesome cotton, folks!) that has been simply dying to become potholders for the new digs-that-I-haven't-seen-yet. I started during Ishtar and finished last night. Tadaa! My first Grandma's Potholder that's for me, me, me!

I'm making a mate in the opposite colorway -- it's just so cute I can hardly stand it.

Speaking of cute! And of me mentioning yesterday that I bought a shower curtain! Yes! I can sense your excitement from here! Oh, but I didn't only buy a shower curtain for the bathroom-I-haven't-seen-yet. No! I also bought a bathmat! And little hookie things to hang the curtain! My God! The largess!

Yes! The hookie things are duckies! Yay!

Baby afgan? What baby afgan??

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