Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Multidimensional nostalgia

When I was a sophomore in high school, our geometry teacher required us to read and report on the book Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott. Of course, we all put it off to the last minute and many people (okay, everyone I ever talked to) hated the book. As in, they still, twenty years later, talk about how much they hate the book. It was written sometime in the mid- to late-1800's, the language is all stilted, and some of the views are a little dated, but it's basically a book about geometry so it stands up pretty well.

I guess I'm a weirdo. I liked it. Yes, I realize that I have just admitted to liking a book about geometry. But it's theoretical! Novelesque! I know, this does not make it better. But, guys, if you just give it a chance it's really good. (I know. I can hear you snoring from here. But believe me!)

Awhile back I bought a copy. It was cheap (You probably think that this is because it's a book about geometry. But no! It's probably public domain by now! It's small -- it uses almost no paper! There are other reasons! Really!). And I just reread it for the first time since 1986. And, I must say, I liked it even more than I remembered. It's interesting! It's thought provoking! It's even poignant! You should read it! No, really!

Go look at it! No, really!


LadyLinoleum said...

Actually, I would probably like this. I am into all things spatial.

Sus said...

Don, I stole that line directly from your blog. You wrote it, babe. :)

Lady Linoleum! Hi! I love your blog! I'm so honored you came to visit! Flatland da bomb. You should try it.