Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I suck at posting on Monday

So, of course, this means that Snowflake Monday is being done on Tuesday this week. Hey, at least I actually did it. I tried, for the first time, metallic Knit Cro-Sheen which looks pretty nifty, even if it does make the teeny tiny plain white snowflake next to it look like it's from one of those snow drifts from which your mom warned you not to eat...

New topic: And warning -- this gets disturbing. Do your dreams ever just completely freak you out?? Last night I dreamed I was reading a graphic novel. I saw every picture and read every word in my dream. That alone is kinda weird. But the content! It was a story about a man who lost a bet to two of his brothers, so they got to tie him up, beat him, and then they started cutting parts of him off, cooking them, and placing them on his chest. For some reason, the victimized brother didn't even know the fingers, toes, etc. on his chest were his own. They did this until he was just a head and torso and he was still trying to figure out where this stuff on his chest was coming from. The art was a sepia-toned wood-cut style and it was really freaky. I kept wondering to myself in the dream why I would be reading this, but I couldn't stop. It's haunted me all day. I hate it when this happens. It hasn't happened for a long time. I sure hope it's not a trend.

Maybe it comes from crocheting yellow snow?


Anonymous said...

This is weird? Fuck, my life is worse than I thought...

Anonymous said...

Well, depending on what school of dream interpretation you come from, this could mean:

1. random synapse firing caused by some weird stimuli that you were hearing while you slept, or
2. something you're doing these days has you puzzled- either about your reasons for doing it or whether you have the whole picture, or
3. I'm full of crap.

Seriously, though, my therapist would say that the key to the dream lies in what you're feeling in it, rather than the details. And that the dream can only be interpreted by the dreamer.

Hope all is well, sugar.