Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good news, better news, bad news, good news

Before I even get to the good news, let me just shout out the wonderful thing that has allowed there to be any of this news to begin with:


I am a die hard Denver Broncos fan. Now, living up here in Packers country, and especially living up here without a TV makes catching the games difficult. Though I've spent most of my life in Chiefs country, so really this is kind of like a cake-walk.

In the past, however, if you couldn't get access to a television broadcast somewhere, you were a little out of luck, because no radio station that broadcast the games was set up for internet streaming. This year, this has changed! 850 KOA, the Denver AM station most beloved of Broncos fans, now streams and we can listen to all the games all season long! Frabjous day! THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS.

So, I turned on the stream today at noon and felt the wonderment of Broncos football coursing over me. Then, about halfway through the first quarter, I had a wild hair. The workout room here has a television with basic cable. I ran upstairs just to see if, by some miracle, the Broncos game was on in this market (but I didn't really expect it to be). BUT IT WAS! Callooh! Callay! THIS IS THE BETTER NEWS!

I runs back downstairs, changes my clothes and heads in to ride the exercise bike AND knit while watching the game. It was heavenly.

Except for the fact that the Broncos offense was apparently playing for St. Louis today. My boys really stank it up old school. Although, our defense was actually playing for Denver and kept what should have been 42 points down to only 18. And the offense did manage, somehow, to put up 10. So, it wasn't actually nearly as bad as it could have been, but boy, it was not good. THIS IS THE BAD NEWS.

But, ever the optomist, two good things came of this afternoon's game. One, I was able to knit on the fatigue hat to the point where it is now half done. Woot! And two, I rode the bike for over 100 minutes, upping the tension every 30 minutes! Yay, me! And, let me tell you, during some of those plays, I was riding really fast. THIS IS GOOD NEWS.

Now, I'm back to reading journal articles and preparing for tomorrow's classes. THIS IS NOT NEWS.

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Melissa said...

Yeah, it was a pretty sucky game day for us Broncos fans. But just the fact that the season has started lifts my heart. We had a crappy first game last year, and it went up from there. (until the AFC play-offs, of course) But, we will look towards the future! Good job on that exercising during the game! All I did was knit.