Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Yesterday was a light day as far as school, so I got to do a whole bunch of knitting and website design without guilt! How fun!

Ever since I started this blog, I've been meaning to redesign my old website as a repository for finished objects and other pictures so that they weren't just buried in blog entries where no one could ever find them. I also wanted to come up with a new, simple, spartan design that would be really easy to maintain. I finally had some time and got the majority of the new site finished. Now, if you're ever just itchin' to see a picture of the Prettiest! toilet seat cover ever, you don't have to figure out where it is in the blog, just browse through the finished object page!

Oh, and my free patterns are now PDFs! Woot! This, for some reason, makes me so happy.

Yeah, I know, none of you are remotely as excited as I am.

Well, maybe you would prefer to titter at how ridiculous I look trying to seriously pose (with no makeup of any kind) in a gigantic hat:

Yes, that's right, the Fatigue Cap is finally finished! I hope it keeps Gator's little ears warm and toasty this winter. I also hope it's what he wanted, because I'm not doing it again. :)

Seriously, it took months to finish that cap, but I started one for myself on Sunday and it's already finished. It's cute, too.

I wore it home from the library last night and it's fairly toasty. I may have to make a wool one sometime, though, to fend off the real winter winds that are on their way.

So now things will pick back up at school (exams next week - ick) so I may be quiet for a few days. But you never know. I'm unpredictable that way.


Dorothy said...

Great hats.

Good luck on your exams.

Melissa said...

Scorchin' hot hats!!!!

Melissa said...

Hey, the website looks awesome! By the way, you'll love me even more for this--I have a hard copy of the pattern for the plastic bag holder!!! I know, I totally rock.