Friday, October 27, 2006

Maybe I don't totally suck at this

I've learned two very important things in the last couple of days.

1. In certain instances, I can study and knit at the same time. This is very, very good news. No, really. You just can't imagine.

2. I just might be fairly decent at knitting. I have yet to meet a crochet pattern that I can't whip into shape, but my knitting skills have always been rudimentary at best. But it seems that I'm on the improvement track and I'm able to do more impressive-looking things which makes the whole process more exciting. This is also good news. I'm growing as a crafter! I'm expanding my winter wardrobe with no monetary output! This is very good news. Sus loves being self-sufficient.

I love my cute little Quaker Rib Cap, but you know. Hat hair. Yup. As much as we all know that keeping warm is much more important than how we look, hat hair is distressing and depressing. It's stupid, but it's true.

I remember once having a plain blue winter headband, but I have no idea what has happened to it or where it might be now. So I decided to knit one. I also wanted to try cables and thought this would be a nice small project that would be perfect for trying them out. I had already decided that I wanted to make an Irish Hiking Scarf at one point, so I wanted a headband to match it. I tried the Chicknits Cable Headband, but decided it wasn't as wide as I wanted, so I frogged it and just modified the scarf pattern into a headband. Now when I make the scarf it will really, truly match.

It didn't take very long and I got quite a bit of studying done while I was making it. So, wanna see?

Yes, so it looks positively radiant sitting on my couch. Okay, okay, you can see it on me wee noggin:

Yeah, yeah, so it's not so wee. Man. And, really, perhaps I should start wearing makeup again...


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not a knitter. I'm not any kind of crafter. But this is way cute. Seriously, I want want of these.

waaaayyy cute.

Anonymous said...

But I love how it matches your eyes! Great job.

Tricia said...

That's a rockin' awesome headband. Honestly, though, how do you study and knit at the same time? Does this mean you're reading a book, simultaenously knitting without looking at your hands? What? I want a picture of THAT!


Sus said...

I can, in fact, knit without looking -- Missa can attest to the many dishcloths I've made while watching football and awards shows. But this is more like, read part of my notes then sit back and go over it and over it while knitting until I have it totally down. Over and over. Biochemical pathways and crap like that.

Dorothy said...

It's awesome! Really good job on the knitting and modifying thing.

I can't seem to read the Sears Catalogue and knit at the same time, so I am very impressed with your new found skill.

Melissa said...

The gal of MANY gifts....and no, you don't need to start wearing make-up. You look like you're about 24 in this picture. Seriously. And, the headband is Way Cute!