Saturday, October 21, 2006

Most of the light will have to come from diyas

So far this morning it is rainy and hazy and drab.

Nominally, this has been Fall Break at Marquette, but graduate students don't really benefit from such things. Life pretty much goes on as usual. My load the last couple of days have been slightly lessened because my lab adviser has been out of town, so I've been knitting a little more and am just about done with the Fatigue Cap which I will be sending to my sweet hubby this week. This means I can soon start a hat for myself, as I don't have one at all and it's about to get really cold up here. (Finishing one WIP means I get to start a new project or three, right? Right??)

I hope it will clear off and stop raining, as tonight is the celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, and I have been honored with an invitation to a local party given by one of my classmates. I'm pretty excited. I'm fairly sure local ordinances prohibit fireworks in the city, but I'm going to play dumb and just enjoy the festivities. Now, let's see. Do I have any nice clothes that aren't black?? Hmmm. I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

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Dorothy said...

You have a very beautiful view.

I hope you have a great time at the Festival. Most cities will allow permits for special reasons like festivals. As long as the police and fire departments are aware of the location and have easy access to it for safety purposes.
At least that's how it works in Canada.