Thursday, October 05, 2006


They're selling the flute.

They're selling the flute and I can't buy it.

I can watch someone else buy it, though.

It doesn't even play notes.

It's pretty, though.

I'm such a nerd.

It's not even my fandom.


Melissa said...

Oh Scuzzy, this is kind of reaching. But just know, those of us who count love you BECAUSE of your nerdiness, not in spite of it. :)

Tricia said...

At this moment, do you realize how ironic it is that I have been to Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas and you have not? ( Personally, I'm waiting for Vegas to build Harry Potter: The Experience. In fact, at Sheila's Star Trek wedding almost a year ago, I bonded with many of the guests over the fact that most of us women were HP fans, while the males were devoted to Star Trek. Between us, the group came up with a pretty stellar set of attractions, including your option of getting blitzed in A) The Leaky Cauldron B) The Three Broomsticks or--as the night gets down and dirty--C) The Hog's Head.

Tricia said...

Almost forgot. . .

Quiz: Find me as Vulcan Sister of the Bride in these photos:

Maybe it's not that interesting to see wedding pictures of people you don't even know, but this is a wedding staged in costume on a replica of the Enterprise. Seriously.

Scuz, this is proof that "nerd" is a relative term.

Sus said...

Prof -- If you had been, our relationship would have been much different.

Trish -- Me? You smokin' crack? I've been to The Experience several times. I used to live in Vegas and make monthly trips, not to the full thing every time, but definintely to Quark's for dinner. I love the pictures! I totally respect the fan wedding. Don't get me started on the wedding I helped plan and participated in in Vegas...

Melissa said...

Well, yeah Sez, but you omit the fact that the wedding you helped plan and participated in in Vegas was so frickin' bizarre that it didn't even involve the marriage of two REAL people. That's right boys and girls, they married off two FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!!!!!!

Sus said...

Yes, yes we did. And it was great, great fun. I already said I was a nerd.

Sorry you're not feeling well, Missa.