Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fry me up some fish, Freddie!

I have to go into the lab this morning, so I was actually able to photograph a pretty dawn for once. I like this one.

Hegarty's had a Christmas party last month and I won a free fish fry coupon. Fish fries are a Milwaukee institution that I was not aware of before I moved here. I've always been a fan of fish and chips (especially in the Pacific Northwest where they always use halibut) and I come from a place where fish on Friday is still a necessary and expected menu item, and I've certainly bought tickets to the occasional Boy Scout fundraising fish fry. But they've taken it to the next level here in Beer Town. Every Friday there are fish fries. Some restaurants just add a great big order of fish and chips to the menu as a special, but many places have all-you-can-eat, family-style fish extravaganzas. Restaurants, breweries, parish halls, VFW's -- they're everywhere. And I love them. Well, okay, I've only been to two places. But they both rocked. It's not just the fish (cod or perch, most places), Milwaukee also embraces the waffle fry as its chip of choice. They are also everywhere whenever you order fries. And fish fries always come with a slice of rye bread. I do not know the origin of this fish/rye tradition, but it is apparently pervasive. Perhaps I'll research and get back to you.

So, anyway, I've been dreaming of redeeming this lovely coupon all week and last night was finally the night! I remembered to take a pic of the adorable sign out front that first beckoned me in all those months ago:

I remembered to grap a quick snap of an unsuspecting Greg, my friend/bartender:

New Friend (we started calling each other that and have decided we'll probably continue until we make newer friends) Veronica struck a pose for my lens:

But I was so hungry and had been waiting so impatiently all day, that I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful, delectable fish! But it was wonderful. In a hot, fried cod with malt vinegar and really good tartar sauce kind of way. And waffle fries. Don't forget the waffle fries.


Anonymous said...

Man, I hate fish, but that sounds good! Warm. Mmmmmmmm.

Melissa said...

Beautiful sky!!! Beautiful sounding fish, wonderful world!