Friday, February 16, 2007

Good news, good day!

Wow! Yesterday was a great day! Today is shaping up to be pretty nifty, too. Three things topped the making of my mood:

One: The summer after I graduated from high school, my parents sent me on a fabulous six-week tour of northern Europe which included The Soviet Union, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, England, and Ireland. It was an amazing trip that can never be duplicated, most notably because a couple of years later, the Soviet Union fell and I'm sure the country would be completely unrecognizable to me. I'd love to go back. But that's beside the point. While on this trip, I made a friend, B.R. who was cool, funny, and loved my cheeks. The ones on my face. Don't ask. Anyway, we went off to different universities, stayed in touch for about a year -- he even visited me once -- and then we lost each other. I always thought I could easily find him, knowing his hometown and alma mater, but then the years went by, many things happened, and the next thing I knew I realized I didn't know where he might have gone or what he might be doing. Looking at my trip scrapbook would bring him to mind and I tried to Google him but, unfortunately, his name can be construed as nouns, so the results were cumbersome and I had no luck. So, imagine my surprise when, yesterday, there was an email from him in my inbox. He was afraid I had completely forgotten him but I, of course, had not. I may have even frightened him a little bit with the enthusiasm of my response. But I was so thrilled! Reconnecting with long lost friends is a great pleasure of life. I'm eagerly awaiting more info from him as to what he's been up to and where he's landed. Exciting!

Two: Once I dated a guy. He was a musician and had a deep and abiding love of the band Rush. During our time together, I developed a love for the band as well. After a year or so, I decided he was not the guy for me. We went back and forth for awhile, but in the end I lost the guy but kept the band. I've never regretted the trade and I've been a rabid Rush fan ever since. My friend, Missa, and I go to concerts together every time they tour. Yesterday I found out they have a new album coming out May 1, Snakes and Arrows, and that they will tour this summer. Yay! Someday, this will no longer happen, so until then I shall savor every chance to hear new tunes from them and see new shows -- their shows are always well put together and well performed. Also exciting!

Three: Last night I decided to do the finishing on the Braided Cables Scarf, which I had completed the knitting for almost a month ago but had set aside because I wasn't in the mood for finishing. But I really wanted to wear the scarf, so I needed to buckle down and get it done. So, an FO! When I had been working on it in Missouri when I visited for Christmas, Missa asked if it was going to be a skinny scarf. It was somewhat skinny as I knitted it, but as you can see, blocking widened it by half again. It is a nice width now and the cables really pop now that they're not all scrunched up on one another. I fringed it this morning and it's all ready to wear! Totally exciting!

And, tonight, I'm going to the movies to see the Oscar-nominated short films, both animated and live action. It's the first time I've ever had the opportunity to see these films that always look so intriguing when I watch the small clips during the Oscar program. I'm stoked!

Now, I get to go see if my mating experiment worked -- I got all new antibodies so I hope my result is glowing! (Ha ha -- it's an immunofluorescence experiment -- science humor.)


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