Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Late again, with screaming

#24 from Leisure Arts' 99 Snowflakes

Well, I was a day late with my sky photo this week, so I guess it should come as no surprise that I'm late with my snowflake, too. It's because of that crazy exam.

The professor walked into the classroom wearing a tie depicting Edvard Munch's The Scream. Ornery. The exam itself wasn't as bad as I'd feared, but it was long. I sat for two hours and I was only the third one finished. I believe at least one student was at least four pages behind me when I left. The professor said we could take as long as we needed, so I don't know how long the slowest person sat. There were a few of those frustrating questions where you know you read that information, but you just can't remember the specific thing being asked. That's the worst. All in all it was decent. But I was exhausted from studying all weekend, so I turned in extra early last night.

Today is Fat Tuesday. Happy Mardi Gras!! Fear not, kids, I shan't do anything ridiculous for some plastic beads. Actually, I'm not planning on partying at all, but I am planning on partaking in some of Hegarty's jambalaya special, and I'm looking forward to that greatly.

In hot Tetrahymena news, I had a great mating on Saturday, my best yet! Woot! My new system seems to be working! Now I just have to find a way to improve the staining system. Oh, how I miss the awesome staining tray at my old job. Unfortunately, my current boss is not as inclined to purchase new equipment as my old boss. Luckily I come from a rich background of "riggin' stuff up". I know there's some weird stuff in the dark corners of the lab I can cobble into something...

Eat hearty, kids! After all, it's called Fat Tuesday for a reason!

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Becky G said...

I'm almost afraid to ask...What is a tetrahymena?