Saturday, April 14, 2007

Loving where you are

It was bright and sunny and beautiful here... yesterday. Today, I have one more in a long line of dreary overcast days. I don't mind the weather at all (in fact I kind of like it like this), I just get tired of taking the same picture over and over. Oh well. Summer will be upon us soon enough and I'll have bitchin' of a different kind, I'm sure.

I've been having a really happy time at school lately. It's like something, somewhere finally clicked and I feel really at home. All week I was really appreciating my school and my department and all the people I spend so much time with. Our department is small and incredibly friendly and any professor will take time to help you with anything, whether they've ever had any dealings with you in the past or not. Whether you're in the same field or not. It just doesn't matter. Everyone helps. How could I ever wish for anything other than this?? So I thought all my feelings about my life here in Beer Town were warm and fuzzy. And I was so wrong. But I didn't realize it until last night.

Last night, New Friend Veronica and I planned to crochet. Really, we did. But we got a hankerin' for Roly Poly, which is all the way in Brookfield, and while we were there we shopped (God, how can you not in that total commercial immersion experience?), then we just drove around. I love doing this. I get to see parts of the city I ordinarily never go like the East Side and, in the case of last night, suburbs such as Bayshore. It's fun and cool, even though we usually do it at night, when it's hard to see most of the sights. At one point, we turned around and drove along the lakeshore back towards the city. I was newly enthralled with my city. I love our water tower (beautifully illuminated, along with its fountain, at night),

the Milwaukee Art Museum is super cool,

and I just got chills as we drove towards the heart of downtown. I wish I'd had my camera because I can't find a picture on the 'net that does the view justice. But it was like seeing an old friend. "Oh, you!! I really like you!!!

It was one of the moments when you realize, as much as you like the life you've made for yourself, you've allowed it to narrow to the immediate surroundings: Work in lab, sleep in apartment, shop, eat, and drink in establishments between the two, and that's about it. I'd forgotten how much I love the city that's basically just across the street from me in the other direction. I suppose winter and being busy do that.

So I'm newly in love again with my new city and I feel at home in my department and my lab. Life is good. This summer is going to be great. I can't wait.



YarnThrower said...

I'm so glad you love Milwaukee! I really love it, too! My mother-in-law doesn't like it because when you drive through downtown, the bridges are too high up...but I think it's a small price to pay for the natural beauty, activities, and just great stuff that is all around there! I also love Madison -- a little bit smaller, a little bit different, but also very nice! Anyway, so nice that you're thrilled with your choice of school, too!

Anonymous said...

How great for you. It's always wonderful when you have those moments of perfect happiness, isn't it? It's like the stars and the planets all line up perfectly.

Leslie Shelor said...

It's wonderful to fall in love with "home" all over again! I try to do it often..

DawnK said...

Beautiful picture of the art museum. Someday, we are going to have to go to Milwaukee, in the afternoon and see the art museum all lit up! We are hardly ever in Milwaukee, when it's dark out! LOL! Yesterday, I took the backroads, to start heading north to Sheboygan. I love seeing the big fancy houses right along the lakeshore and I sure have seen the freeway sights too many times, since I've lived in WI my whole life and most of it, in southeastern WI. It's nice to go sightseeing, even in familiar areas!