Sunday, April 29, 2007

Again with the doing what I said I would. Yikes!

As promised, crochet content! Yes, it's true! After a couple of weeks of just not being that into it, I sat around this weekend and made stuff. It was nice.

Okay, so it's not all crochet. I've been dinking around on these for a while here and there. Two down from this super sized skein, and another on the needles (just barely).

Okay, so that's not very exciting, I realize. But it's better than a meme, right?

Well, okay, maybe not. But how about this?

Now, I know this looks frighteningly like the last picture (it was laid out in the other direction) I posted of the Crazy Quilt Coverlet, but I added another strip, really I did! It now only lacks three strips of seven squares and the border. Considering how long ago I started it, it seems practically done! And it will be, I swear. It's already three years late for its recipient, so I figure a couple more months won't make much difference. I don't like that fact, but there it is. If only I didn't hate making those flower squares so much...

Yesterday I announced that I was going to make a handbag. I looked around for patterns, but I just couldn't find anything I liked. After a while of thinking, "that would be okay if it just did this a little more," and, "that's not the shape I want, I want it to go like that," I decided I was just being dumb. Since I seem to know just what I want so freakin' much, I should just make my own darned pattern and get the purse of my dreams! Well, I'm not sure that will actually be the case, but it's kind of fun to mess around with. I'm greatly inspired by the lovely little bags that Futuregirl makes and her adorable embroidered embellishments. So I took some inspiration from her, added some of the qualities I really wanted, and came up with a plan of action. Excellent! So everything is completely peachy, right?

Wrong. Remember my other requirement for this bag? Yep, it has to be made from yarn in my stash. Which is almost completely acrylic, so I'm resigned to the fact that it will be an acrylic bag. Okay, no worries. It's a test-run pattern design anyway. But here's the other problem with that requirement:

Oh, yes! Behold all the lovely spring colors to be found overflowing from my stash! Not! Okay, I could go for orange and yellow and think of the old Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms every time I carried it, but I'd rather not. I probably spent an hour trying to come up with some pretty colorway that made me happy. Finally, I found four remnants that would do. In fact, I think once it's all embellished, it will be pretty cute. I know that bottom stripe looks grey in the picture (I couldn't get it to come out any better), but it's not. It's brown. A taupe-y brown to be sure, but definitely brown.

In my mind, of course, this design will work perfectly. But as I've started crocheting the bottom of the bag, I'm suddenly not quite so sure. I've decided to toil on and see what happens. I've already revised my original plan somewhat, but I still think it will work out fine. I'm starting to get a little antsy that I will run out of the brown, but I've also decided that if the stripes are different on each side, that will be just okie dokie too. Don't worry, I'll post pics as I go along, and you'll have it all figured out long before I'm done. It's not very complicated.



YarnThrower said...

Sometimes I think a stash is just like a closet..... Lots of stuff in there, but nothing immediately suitable. I like the colors you picked, though!

Melissa said...

I was in the 'ville over the weekend, and suddenly became inspired to start making purses!!! Totally serious--- went through some of Mom's sewing stuff and everything. Who'd a thunk that we'd come up with the same kind of idea at the same time???? Just too weird!!! (not) It's just that me trying to be just like you thing again...

Anonymous said...

Your crazy quilt coverlet is totally adorable. It's a party in a blanket!