Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fruitful trip and lucky socks

Well, hello again! It seems I just keep going on trips and leaving you hanging. Oh, what's that you say? You didn't notice? Figures.

I spent last week in Toronto at York University doing experiments. Here's the quick and dirty -- Since February, I've been trying to repeat an immunocytochemistry experiment that a lab at York has been doing for a year. I've attempted this experiment dozens of times with no discernible result. If you think that didn't frustrate the H-E-double hockey sticks outta me... So, Doc packed me up and sent me to the source where I spent five days doing two matings, collections, round after round of immunofluorescence and a Western blot. The result? A result! Yes, the experiment worked just as it should have. Wonderful! What's not so wonderful? I have no idea why. There was nothing in their protocol that was appreciably different from the way I've been doing it down here. Argh. So now I'm going through the experiment with a fine toothed comb and repeating here again, hopeful that some Canadian magic rubbed off on me and it will work here. Wish me luck. If it turns out to just be the air up there I'm totally screwed.

While there I did get to ride the Rocket into the city and stroll around for a bit. I'd not been to Toronto before and everyone always says it's so nice. And it is nice, but I spent much of my time walking around thinking that it's just not quite as nice as Milwaukee. I swear I should be put on a payroll somewhere for constantly squealing my love for Beer Town. My incredible bias aside, I snapped some pics of my quite enjoyable little jaunts.

I admit I was totally on the lookout for a close encounter with Geddy, Neil, or Alex but, alas, it was not to be. I'll get to see them in Milwaukee on Sept. 5 -- w00t! Instead, I encountered ginormous fallopian tube-shaped public art.

Down along the harborfront are many apartments, condos, and office buildings. But nestled among them is a little treat -- Captain John's Seafood Boat. I was completely tempted to sample some of their fine wares but, surprisingly, frugality prevailed.

I gazed longingly at their menu and am relieved to be able to say yes, Anne, they have chicken fingers. You could survive here. ;)

Chinatown was bustling and full of really foreign (and not entirely pleasant) smells. I know, I'm sure I'm a spoiled American brat, but if the Hy-Vee ever smelled like those markets, I wouldn't go inside. It was still fun, though.

And I did find a really great Chinese bakery where they make delicious meat-filled buns that I would totally eat every day if I could. They were awesome.

I have no explanation for the gigantic metal pipe fashioned into a "tree" which has become home to enormous woodpeckers. This thing is several stories high in front of the convention center.

Only in Canada. They really know how to make a billboard you notice. This one was at Union Station.

So, did anyone else in my corner of the blogosphere watch and lurve a 90's television show called Forever Knight? Besides Rush, that show is what I most associate with Toronto. The show opened every week with a cityscape featuring, of course, the CN Tower. So I was happy to get a somewhat dramatic, dusky photo of the tower. Watch out for vampires!

Before it got too dusky, I went down to the harbor and watched the boats for a bit. What did I do while I watched? I worked on Second Sock, of course! Sock and I enjoyed the view very much.

Between labwork and sight seeing, I didn't have much time to work on Second Sock, but my flights were another story. So, without further ado, I present to you in all their finished glory...


Yay! They're all done and they're wonderful!!! I absolutely adore them. I wore them to the Brewer's game on Sunday and it turns out that they're lucky socks, to boot! Fab! I'm just tickled every color in the box.

I've already started my next pair of socks, but they're a gift so I can't post pics until they're done and received. Gator requested a pair for his birthday -- which is August 1, so I don't know if I'll make it -- which surprised me a little because of the extra care involved with handmade socks. I'm happy he wants some though. I love making things for him. :)

I had a great trip, but I'm glad to be home now. There are no more trips on the horizon, so the blogging can resume uninterrupted.

Y'all can rest easy.



YarnThrower said...

It sounds like you should wear your new socks (lucky socks!) when you are working on replicating the Toronto lab process... In any case, cheering for your imminent success with your lab work back on your home turf.

By the way, your socks are AWESOME! Are they not the perfect project to go anywhere, both before and after they are done?! And, if you can write up directions for how to make them "lucky", that would be great, too!

jmk said...

Welcome home! Love the socks - they look fantastic for a first pair.
I used to live in Winnipeg ('65-'75) but never got as far east as "Trono".

Becky G said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I love that billboard, and your socks look fantastic! Another addict is born! Or should that be made?

Anonymous said...

Those socks are awesome! I have to admit I was so pleased with my first pair that I never got up the energy to make another...I really should though.

Why does art in public places always have to be so scary?

lizardbreath said...

OMG--i love forever knight!! (that was my first thought when i read you'd been to toronto -- oh, that's where they shot forever knight...) haha! great catch on the pic, too! i recently bought season one and two, and have watched them both TWICE since then!

btw, miss you. when you comin' to visit?

lizard :)

wow--apparently i have a blogger account. when did i do that? huh.