Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Why I'm not in the mood to blog:
  • Classes and my TA assignment have started. I did get the assignment to TA Cell Biology, which is only going to involve leading discussion (recitation) sections, not teaching the entire class (they don't do that here), so it's not quite as bad as some of you may have thought, but it's still about 10 hours a week that I can't research, plus it breaks up my days in annoying ways so some research is even more difficult.
  • My course meeting times (the courses I'm taking, as opposed to the one I'm TAing) have been changed so that one meets at 7:45 am and the other runs until 5:15 pm. Long-ass days.
  • Sunday, when coming home from the grocery store on the bus, my grocery cart-thingy rolled into my heel while I was taking a step and sliced open the back of my heel. It bled A LOT, right there on the bus, and the only thing I had to staunch the flow was my receipt from the grocery store. It was gross, uncomfortable (all those people sneering at my for having the incredibly poor manners to BLEED all over the bus -- and I mean there was A LOT of blood -- and of course none of them were at all interested in helping me), and a challenge to get home from the bus stop with my groceries while BLEEDING PROFUSELY, so much so that it was spattering out of my sandal with every step. It took forever to stop bleeding and it now pops open regularly due to heel flexion when I walk. I'm sure it needed a couple of stitches, but it's not going to get them, so I deal. But I don't feel much like doing anything -- even knitting or crocheting.
  • Four big readings assigned yesterday, due tomorrow for intense discussion. Argh.
  • General grumpiness.



Anonymous said...

Owie! Nobody had even a hankie for you?! Sheesh!

Molly Bee said...

Gosh, I usually carry a couple of Kleenex and a bandaid or two! Sorry I wasn't on your bus to patch you up! Cheer up! We miss you when you don't blog!

YarnThrower said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your bus/grocery incident. Your semester can only improve from here, right?! I know what you mean about not feeling much like blogging for the time being, though your reasons are much better than mine are....

Becky G said...

Sorry to hear of your bleeding incident, and your recent blah moods. I guess we have gotten to the point where we are cycling at the same time. Now, that is scary.

Owen Cowan said...

Thanks for thhis