Friday, January 11, 2008

Other people's stuff (Big Ol' Geek Edition)

Have you ever taken chemistry? Had to learn/become familiar with the periodic table of the elements? Didn't you think it would be so much easier if you could relate the periodic table to something "cool"? Look no further! If you're a geek, but not that kind of geek, then you will thrill to the mere existence of The Periodic Table of Comic Books! Now you can easily reference a frightening number of elements as they appear in the text of a whole bunch of comic books (most of which you've never heard of)! An invaluable reference for everyone!

Crafters often take for granted things that cooks cannot. While it's very simple to run to JoAnn and pick up some googly eyes to perfectly complete a crafting project, what is the intrepid kitchen warrior to do when his/her latest creation is rendered plain and overly static by plain ol' frosting or candy eyes? Fear not! Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has posted the solution! Now everyone can add the magic of completely edible googly eyes to all their recipes! I can't wait to make my next batch of lamb stew able to look back at me! (Also, dig on the awesomocity of the Flying Spaghetti Monster cookies!)

The webcomic XKCD is well known and loved in Big Ol' Geeky Circles and it often makes me laugh. But earlier this week I wanted creator Randall Munroe (nephew of one of my professors, actually) to get out of my head:

On the other hand, Randall is looking out for us -- we can be ever more confident that knitting is a nice, reasonable, sane hobby:

I have chosen *wisely*. (okay geeks -- name the movie reference!)



YarnThrower said...

Phew! I sort of figured that knitting and blogging were rather safe hobbies, though am glad to now have an official chart to prove it!

Becky G said...

I love the edible googly eyes! I gotta try that!

Anonymous said...

I have this image of someone saying, "Trust your feelings and use the Yarn, Luke. The Yarn weaves the universe together."

Dorothy said...

I can't think of the movie, but I hear a quiet mentor like voice telling a youngish eager student of the fighting arts to choose his weapon wisely...

Glad to see that knitting is relatively safe on the deadly incidents scale. Wonder if the deaths were the knitter, or the twit who asked where is socks were in the middle of that complicated lace pattern for the umpteenth time.

Molly Bee said...

Thanks for these great links! My geeky scientists LOVED them!