Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh look, a chicken!

I warned you that I had things to show you from my downtime. And I'm doing it right away, even, before I'm distracted by something shiny or yarny or whatever. And since I'm still treading water with the whole loss-of-bloggal-direction thing I'll just jump right in. So, more show-and-tell it is, then! Lucky you!

My cousin got married recently and I wanted to make her something different and fun. She's not just starting out in the world; she has all the household stuff she needs and so did he and I'm sure they've merged everything delightfully and, knowing her, it's all way cooler than I would have purchased anyway. So I tread off the beaten path and made a pillow from a pattern I'd been enamored of for some time. I picked a funky color scheme and I'm pretty pleased with the result. Apparently, so are they! I didn't get a good photo in natural light, though, before I sent it off, so the show-and-tell is not optimum. I imagine we'll all survive.

Terra Cotta Pillow by Kathleen Garen
Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and Vanna's Choice Solids
Size US H hook
As you can see, my version is totally not terra cotta, and I like it a lot better. And without the mind-numbing flash, you can't see the pillow form through the stitches. I swear. Yes, another in the long line of arguments for natural light photography. When I ever claim to be anything other than the most pathetic of photographers, I'll let you know. Hugs.

Actually, I say that, but the other project I made for them did manage to get decently photographed. Oh, you thought I only made them a pillow? For shame! I also sent them -- just as the last snow melted and it started to get nice and warm -- a smitten!

What's a smitten, you ask? I'm so glad you asked, for I shall tell you! And show you, even!

So you know when it's cold, and you're outside with your sweetie, and you want to hold hands with him, but it's too cold to be bare-handed, but you don't want to just hold hands through your gloves because that's not as romantic as touching skin, but brrrrrrrrr! it's too cold for all that open air skin touchin'? You know that one? Smitten to the rescue! One mitten for two hands! And in the shape of a heart, no less!! Freakin' brilliant, I tell you.

Smitten by Julie Weisenberger
Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Claret
size US 11 and 13 dpns
I'm in love with this adorable thing. I may make a hundred. Okay, that's totally a lie, but I'll make one for Gator and me. Someday. Probably.

Until the next shiny thing comes along.



Jess said...

Hi, Sus. This is Jess from Lion Brand. I just wanted to leave you a comment and thank you for using (and blogging about) our yarn. Your pillow and smitten look fantastic. Keep up the great work!

YarnThrower said...

Love the smitten! Might have to check that one out myself...maybe after finals... Remember back when you were in school?....

jmk said...

Smitten. ~tee hee~ So cute!

DawnK said...

The pillow and smitten are both pretty. A united mitten is a great idea!