Thursday, January 13, 2011

WIP... Thursday?

It's happened! It's happened! I finished all my gifty Works In Progress (except for the one that was a dismal failure and I gave up and frogged -- No, Sis, not that one!) and I've been being selfish!!!

Goal #3 of the new year well under way! (For the record, goal #2 is probably going fine, as well, but I won't bore you with the "Today, I did some sit-ups" post.)

So I finished the gifty things (which I can't show you until they are received, and for one of them may be a bit) and as soon as I was done, I cast on a new project! And the next night I cast on another new project! And the next night I finished the second project and cast on a third project! So much activity!

That means that I have two new WIPs to show you! And I know you can't wait, because they are ridiculous. Yes, they're cast on and thus qualify as WIPs, but, well, have a look for yourself:

Yeah. I know. There's not much to show. The red up top is going to be the Woolly Bully bag and below is the beginning of a Snowboarder Hat That Rocks! Yes, those are purple earflaps you see there. And, yes, since it's purple, it must be for Gator. :)

I know I mentioned a project I finished, but that makes it a Finished Object and no longer a WIP, and tomorrow is Friday, and since I botched the alliterative WIP Wednesday, the least I can do is go for an FO Friday! Hee.


YarnThrower said...

Those are some pretty fun patterns! YAY for moving into the "selfish knitting" phase of your program. It totally *IS* your turn to get something nice off of your needles to keep for yourself!

Vera said...

Great patterns! I've just put them in my Ravelry queue.

Unknown said...

Both nice pattern and I love that hat. It´s going to be great in purple!

Becky G said...

OH, that snowboarder hat really rocks! I have got to make that! Then I need to find some heads to wear all these hats I'm knitting.

Sus said...

Thanks guys! I've had my eye on both of these patterns for quite a while. So good to get them underway!