Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just don't dip them in hot mustard sauce!

What do you do when you're hunkered down at home, feeling poorly and can't focus on any one thing for very long? Make a bunny nugget!

I was zoning out this morning, reading some of my blog feeds, and I came upon a post by KPiep about having a knitting dream. The dream culminated in a burning desire to make bunny nuggets. Huh? Bunny nuggets? So I followed the link to Ravelry and lo and behold bunny nuggets are just about the cutest little things ever. And I will say, once again, that cute can only be good. KPiep mentioned that her husband desperately wanted one for his desk at work, so I decided to ask Gator if he was at all interested in having a bunny nugget of his own. Oh my.

I don't know what it is, but apparently men freaking love bunny nuggets (p < 0.05, n=2).

So Gator picks his yarn and he gets his nugget. And I do agree that it's pretty cute-as-can-be. In a manly way, of course.

I particularly like how is tail is almost as big as the rest of him. Hehe.

Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger
Red Heart Super Save Flecks and size US6 dpns
Now it may be nap time again. What have y'all been doing this weekend?



He is very cute!!!His tail made me laugh!

Heldasland said...

Cute.That bug is dreadful we all have it at home and Im a little tired as Ive been the teamaker, medicine provider and general dogsbody,so I know how bored you feel

jmk said...

Too cute! And who would have guessed that blokes would like them?! But... Gator didn't pick purple?

Hope you feel better very soon. ♥

Sus said...

Thanks, guys! We are both feeling much better today and are back at work.

Gator's bunny nugget has informed him that his name is Bertram and he is Britsh. Bertram the British Bunny nugget!

Judy -- I know, right? I was so shocked that Gator picked dark blue with flecks (which he now says looks kind of purple when you squint at it because of the red flecks -- yeah, right)! Bunny nuggets run around disoriented and squeaking unless in packs of three, so there will probably be at least one purple one in the "gang". :)

Becky G said...

Bertram is unbelievably cute!

Vera said...

That's adorable. I may make some for my nephew.

YarnThrower said...

Well, at least p is less than 0.05...but if you add my husband to the mix increasing n to be 3, I think it would throw your p out of whack... I assume you are feeling better. Still really behind in the reading of the blogs...