Monday, February 07, 2011

This is what you get...

...when you take a week of vacation then get three snow days the next week.

Frankly, not as much as I'd hoped, but we'll all survive.

I finished Gator's soft, warm purple hat and he loves it! I think he's super cute in it!

Snowboarder Hat That Rocks! by Irish Girlie Knits
Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande / size US 11 dpns
I had trouble getting good lighting -- even though we were outside on a sunny day, actually stepping into the light would have resulted in my poor darling husband being groin-high in a snow drift. So to see the color more accurately, observe what I did with the leftover yarn:

One-Hour Earwarmer by Paulina Chin
Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande / size US 10 straight needles
This yarn is deliciously soft and the color is a nice complement to my baktus, but I'm afraid I made the earwarmer a little too big because it stretches quite a bit and has a tendency to fall down over my eyes (which Gator finds adorable). I will have to come up with a fix, I'm afraid.

While on vacation, I finally did something that I've meant to for a long time. I watched all the episodes of Firefly and the movie Serenity. (As an aside, I just ran across this piece of awesome today.) I really enjoyed them and I think I may have to schedule a re-watch of the whole thing in the near future. While watching, I picked up the barely-started purse I had cast on and finished it up!

Wooly Bully Bag by Lori Puthoff
Patons Classic Wool / size US 10 1/2 circular needles
So this has been a nice little run of selfishness, but I kind of fell off the MeMeMeMe! wagon a touch. Our church is having a fundraiser that includes a silent auction. I wanted to donate something for it, and since everyone seems to like my shawls and scarves and bags, etc., I decided to donate a little lace:

Anjeli by Angelika Luidl
Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light / size US 7 circular needles
I know the photos are (once again) not the best, what with it all laid out on a, let's call it vintage, bedsheet and all, but I did the best I could before I had to hurry and take it to the church. If I can, I'll get a snap of the lucky buyer modeling it!

I have a couple of other things in the works and I finally get to show off something that I've been waiting a long time post, but those are for another day. Thus concludes my edition of "What I Did For My Winter Vacation". Oh, and I made baked custard.

Did you get a snow day last week? What did you do?


Maya Kuzman said...

Wow! That's what I call prolific work! Great job on the hat and the headband (aka ear warmer)!
The lace is gorgeous and that buyer would hit a pot of gold with this one!

Becky G said...

Wow, you have been busy. I love Gator's hat.

I've been watching Firefly, too, but I'm trying to pace myself so that I don't watch it all too quickly. I'll have to check Netflix for the movie.

YarnThrower said...

That headband looks fantastic on you! And it's a perfect color! My, you *have* been productive. People are going to fight over your shawl, even though you *did* donate it to a church... I had one snow day, and I used it to finish my "pay it forward" projects and get them mailed off, and finish sewing together a sweater. Nice to have a free gift of time like that!

Vera said...

I love the Snowboarder Hat. Had it in my Ravelry queue for ages.