Sunday, February 18, 2007

Exam blues

I spent six hours in the lab yesterday, but I didn't get any studying done for my exam tomorrow. The class with the eight papers per day. Yeah, that one. (Note to those who think that's a spiffy idea -- with this kind of volume, I'm learning next to nothing in this class. I'm just memorizing as much as I can until after the exam. When we focus more intently on less material, I learn tons. I'm just sayin'.) So guess what I'm doing today? Can't I just work in the lab more instead?? Oh well. I'm really honing my ability to procrastinate up here.

Since I didn't post a sky yesterday, here's a pic of dawn-ish from this morning.

There's really nothing else to say. Have a great Sunday!


Becky G said...

Eight papers per day??? That's rediculous. When do they expect you to do anything constructive when you have to do all that writing?

Sheesh. Good luck with your exams.

Sus said...

They're journal articles that we have to read, actually, not write. But I don't retain anything from the first once I've finished the last, and we certianly don't have time to look at them critically or decide if their methods were appropriate or if their conclusions are well-supported. We're to just take them at face value, which goes against everything I'm supposed to be learning up in here. Yes, I agree that it's ridiculous.

Thanks for the luck. I'm a-gonna need it.

Becky G said...

Oh, I see. Still, that's a lot, and what's the point if you're reading so much information that you can't retain any of it?