Monday, July 03, 2006

Let freedom (and cuteness!) ring

Happy Independence Day (tomorrow), Americans! Eat some hotdogs and blow some shizz up! You go!

It has been asserted, in an email referencing this post, that amigurumi is, to paraphrase, sickening. In short, it made Missa throw up in her mouth a little (which, while I think this is a horrible thing for her, don't know why she thought it should be a concern for me).

Never fear, laymen. Amigurmi is a Japanese (go figure) word that means something along the lines of "little crocheted doll". I know, you're on the edge of your seats, arent' you? This has become a crochetland phenomenon because a) they're easy, b) they use up scraps and c) they're cute, cute, cute!!! I have only made one so far, and her name is Kiki, and I love her. I have another, completely different, one in the works but I ain't showin' till she's done. Nope, not gonna!

This cuteness, however, seems to turn some people off of amigurumi. I don't understand it, personally. I mean, cute is good! Cute is essential! To survival, even! Babies are cute, or else we'd never want to take care of the squalling poop machines! How can cute make one swallow one's own vomit? Look! Kitties! Cute!! I know some people who like to think they're tough and cool who lurve them some kitties. As well they should. Nay, I think I shan't associate with them that don't lurve them some kitties.

But it's a natural progression, don't you think, from one form of cute to another? Kitties = cute. Japanese ultracute renditions of kitties? Yep, still cute. Little crocheted doll renditions of Japanese ultracuteness? Totally cute. Observe:

Where does the cuteness factor break down? It doesn't. Cute is cute! Cute is good! Long live cute! Are you in need of cute therapy? Because cute is the new cute, people. Deal with it.

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