Thursday, July 06, 2006

Okay, I lied

So I didn't go right to bed. No! I found this! If you love this, you understand me! And Gator! It's almost freakin' perfect. Bob, David, and Rush. Dude.


Professor said...

That was awesome. Although I don't know how hygenic it is to play clarinet in the bathroom.

Hey, I have Gary Newman on myspace! Check it out.

Sus said...

That entire video and you pick out the part about hygiene.

I hadn't seen that Gary Newman video for years. That's what you need, my man. A giant flourescent tube pyramid to put your new kit in. Tubular.

Professor said...

Actually, I'm really trying to get Gary Newman's "Cars" as my ring tone. Not just because it's been done on The Mighty Boosh, but because this proves it's the perfect ring tone.

Please tell me you and Gator watch the Boosh. You would love it.