Sunday, September 03, 2006

Progress? Surely, you jest!

Though it would be nice, let's just not get too used to this kind of progress, now shall we?

What is it, do you think, about a week so full of stress that you're too distracted to get the amount of work done that you would like, that makes a weekend-after-the-stress so equally unproductive? From an acutal work standpoint, anyway? I have felt as if I needed a reprieve, a way to actually see something I'd done, moreso than another journal article in the "have read" pile. This will somehow later bite me on the butt, I'm sure of it. Or, I'll pull it out. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'll pull it out.

So, yes! Progress! Of the handcraft variety!

Pssst! Girls (especially Em and Beck)! Don't show your mom this page until she gets this in the mail!

I present the completed Picasso!

I don't remember the last one I made being such a pain in the @$$ to put together. I'm not sure there's another of these on the horizon. So Sis is getting something special, indeed! ::BG::

And, though I had forgotten to post a progress bar for it, I had a partially completed amigurumi cactus in my bag that I decided to get at least mostly done today. I haven't figured out how to put pricklies on him yet, or decided if I'm going to at all. Also, I think his base needs something. A little scrub or pebbles or something.

But, anyway, witness Spike, the amigurumi cactus as he wanders through the land of giant silver, twisty candlesticks!

He's cute and that's good and I won't hear any more about it.


Melissa said...

Sis is lucky, lucky girl! I do believe I recall you bitching about the last one being hard to put together--best forgotten when you are planning to make a new one.
Spike is adorable, but you DO need to either add spikes/needles, or change the fellow's name.

fillyjonk said...

The cactus is VERY cute.

I don't have any suggestions as to needles for him, unfortunately. I think bugle beads would be cute but they might be too short, and they'd be a right PITA to install.

I think he needs for you to find a few of those smooth polished rocks (the little "pocket rocks" that you can buy at some of the hippie gift type shops) to put around his base.