Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy sick day!

It started this morning as just a little grumbling, but it seems the gods have seen fit to help me celebrate this lovely Valentine's Day with a rousing full-blown bout of the stomach flu! Woot! I'm a lucky girl, indeed.

So, I don't feel much like talking except to say Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhh. So! Instead! Look at some of the fabulous gems I've discovered on the glorious World Wide Pants!

  • Oh, my geekiness has no bounds. I think this is ubercool. High resolution scans of important American historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and The Constitution among others.
  • No, it's not me. Man. I will never think I am crazy again. Ever.
  • File under "Why didn't I think of this???" -- Really neato jewelry made with Barbie parts. I personally love the boobie necklace (in the portfolio).
  • Anatomically correct aliens, anyone? That is, if alien anatomy is just like rag-doll human anatomy. Which, well, who knows? But why would they want to probe us so much down there if they're made just like us? I'm just sayin'.
  • Just what I need -- a little panic to start the day just right.
  • When I get my perfect Stickley bungalow, I'm trading in my laptop for this.

Off to bed with me. Have fun with your respective 'tines!



Al said...

happy chocolate day! (er, late chocolate day.)

I gots to get me a necklace with some barbie boobies! ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel much better today than yesterday.