Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Sus screws Morning Sus

Jerry Seinfeld used to have a bit about Night Guy always screwing Morning Guy. You'll go out on a "school night" to have a couple of drinks, but you need to leave at 10:00, so you can get eight hours of sleep before work tomorrow. But you start to have a really good time and someone offers to buy another round and you think, "I don't really need eight hours -- seven will be just fine", so you have another drink. Then you start dancing and another round comes up and you think, "Six hours of sleep is just as good as seven, really." This goes on until you stumble home at 4 am, and a couple hours later when you have to get ready for work, you really hate yourself. Rather, you hate Night Guy and his cockamamie ideas about screwing Morning Guy out of a night's sleep. Night Guy always screws Morning Guy.

Well, okay, nothing that dramatic happened to me last night. Morning Sus knew that the Oscars would end late, and she knew that the LIMO would probably take a while to pick her up from V's apartment. But Oscar Sus got home and wasn't tired. Oscar Sus was well pleased by the ceremony, thought Ellen rocked as host, was psyched that The Danish Poet, Helen Mirren, and Forrest Whittaker won their categories. She had enjoyed good food and a great time with New Friend Veronica, and though she missed sharing the awards with Missa as she had done for years, she was happy and content. But she was not tired. Oscar Sus was still "up". Oscar Sus was bubbly. Oscar Sus stayed up for awhile. Oscar Sus totally screwed Morning Sus. The alarm was a brutal enemy this morning. Today will likely be a struggle, especially the part where I have to sit in a darkened classroom and try to stay awake. Ah well. It's not like those stupid, stressed out all-nighters I was pulling a couple of weeks ago. I guess I really should quit my bitchin'.

Oh look, a snowflake! Much like it's four million quadrillion brethren that blanketed Milwaukee this weekend. Only not so cold. Or melty.

#25 from Leisure Arts' 99 Snowflakes

Now, Morning Sus is off to face the day!



LadyLinoleum said...

Love your flake!

I agree with you on the Oscar wins. It's so political that I usually don't expect much, but this year I was in agreement.

Becky G said...

I love the snowflake!

I don't watch the Oscars. I don't know who won, or even who was nominated, and frankly, I don't care. They very seldom award Oscars to movies I think are good. I always end up saying, "That won????"

Melissa said...

Oscar Missa totally missed Oscar Sus. Missa didn't even enjoy the show that much last night due to multiple reasons, but the main one being the lack of sharing it with you. Watching the Oscars without you this year was even more depressing than watching the Superbowl without you. Man, Monday Missa is pathetic!