Monday, March 19, 2007

Crochet and coughing

I seem to have taken a chest cold. Harumph.

I did not leave my apartment the entire weekend (except when I took my Saturday Sky photo). I sat around, crocheted, listened to NPR, coughed, and watched some free movies on CinemaNow. I actually wasted a bunch of time trying to crochet a Tetrahymena keychain, but I can't find a way to make cilia that don't look like crap. A common crochet conundrum, I know.

I'm not sure that this is strictly how I'm supposed to do it, but I crochet my snowflakes for Snowflake Mondays over the weekend and show them on Mondays. So, while feeling sorta crappy this weekend, I crocheted Noel Nevin's #1 (the pattern does not have a picture). When I was done, I was surprised to find it was a five-point flake, as I had been expecting a six-pointer.

I looked at the pattern again and, lo and behold, it is a six-point pattern! My cough medicine-addled brain completely malfunctioned. After a heavy sigh and a little giggle, I tried again.

Oh, much better!!

I also took a little chunk out of one of my WIPs -- the Crazy Quilt Coverlet. I started this about two years ago and have never gotten very far. But I will be finishing it soon, galdarnit!!

Here's the progress so far...

I love the colors in the afghan. I think it's going to be really stunning.

Alrighty then. Must find expectorant. ::hack, hack, cough, cough::



jmk said...

Love the new look! And your 5-pointed SF misadventure had me in stitches (oh, a pun).

I like the colours in that afghan, too. I've got an afghan that's yet to be finished, made up of squares similar to the mitred ones in yours, only in bright neons. It's lurking in a bag somewhere and I started over 20 years ago! (Hmm, that would explain the neon.) But I will finish it - someday.

Tina said...

Cute flake! Love it! Too funny. Hey, did you keep the 5 pointer anyway or was it frogged? Also love the new look! Gotta love change!

Becky G said...

Wow! What a difference blocking makes. The flake looks great, and I love the afghan.

LadyLinoleum said...

I think the coverlet is brilliant! Flakes are coolio too! And I often have similar crochet conundrums. Just keep at it. You'll figure it out.

Hope you feel better soon!

Dorothy said...

You did pretty good keeping the look while changing the pattern so much.

I must have the same cold you do expect I have lost the will to knit. It's too hard to look down for very long.

Marti said...

That coverlet is going to be great. I love crocheted and knitted blankets that have that patchwork effect. I'm (sloooowly) working my way through a knitted patchwork afghan. At the rate I'm going I think I may just finish it in time to give to my husband as a retirement present.

Knitting Magic Girl said...

Hope you feel better! Love the flake. Too weird that we both have had the same symptoms! I'll post what the chiropractor says tomorrow.