Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weather for psychotic mimes

It's bright but snowy this morning.

Yesterday was all kinds of crazy windy. Great training for Shields and Yarnell, I'm sure, but icky for overly bundled-up students with big ol' backpacks trying to cross traffic. I would just get my balance for trudging against the gale and then, suddenly, it would change directions, causing me to stumble around drunkenly. Big hood and loss of peripheral vision did not help. At one point I inadvertently turned 90 degrees in the middle of the street because, while lifting it to take a step, my left leg was blown across my body and landed about two feet to my right, causing me to pivot towards oncoming traffic. You can't pretend you meant to do something like that. I haven't been outside yet today, but I'm hoping it's calmed down some. Yowza.


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Melissa said...

Holy Howlin' Gale-force, Batgirl!!!! That sounds very nearly tragic. Glad you had the strength and fortitude to make it through! Me, I would have just crumpled up in a little ball and cried until someone rescued me....remember me, "patheti-sad girl"?