Monday, April 09, 2007

Blood on the snowflake, with flying cow

Above sung to the tune of the John Mellencamp classic, Rain on the Scarecrow. I'll be doing it all day.

Hi! I'm alive, never fear. Just crazy busy for a bit, then while recovering from that I just couldn't even bear to read blogs, let alone write on one. Ah well. Way back at the beginning I warned that this would happen.

Snowflake Mondays: Again with the no blocking. Just couldn't get around to it. Never in my life have a hated making a snowflake so much. Especially the last round. I thought it would never end and that my fingers would be bloody stumps by the time I was done. Ick. Maybe this is what I get for selecting a pattern with so freaking many picots right after deciding to switch to size 20 thread and a US10 hook. Ever shoved a tiny steel hook way far up under your fingernail with some force? Yeah. More than once. You would think I would learn. I did manage to keep blood off the snowflake, you'll be happy to know. But it was close. Anyhow, if I want to have one for next week, I'm going to have to pick something really easy. And no picots. While I heal. Owie.

And you thought crocheting wasn't an extreme sport. Silly muggles.

#79 from LA's 99 Snowflakes

I got to see Gator last weekend! I went to a protozoology meeting in St. Louis on the 30th, and he drove over and spent the night with me! I was so happy, but so sad to let him go again. I hadn't seen him since Christmas. I don't think we should ever go that long again. Anyone know of any good jobs for archivists in WI? I'm ready for him to move up here. Yessiree.

This is what the Easter Bunny left for me. Of course, the bastard couldn't find my actual house, so I had to go retrieve it from the convenience store up the street. And then pay for it. Harumph. Stupid Easter Bunny. But! Awesome Vermonty Python! It has little chocolate cows in it! I desperately want to fling one off the top of my building, which I've already taken to calling "Catholic Kuhnigits". I'm surprised how many people don't get it. Luckily I'm used to living in my own little world.

No rest for the wick-- er, grad students. Back to the lab with me!!



YarnThrower said...

I think I've driven by your building a gazzillion times (not sure how to spell gazzillion -- I usually just abreviate it as 10 to the power of infinity, so don't have to worry about spelling).... Anyway, a snowflake a week sounds like a daunting goal, but I really like seeing them. I've never really figured out how to crochet, though its nice to see the handiwork of somebody who makes such nice things. Archivist, eh? I'm not exactly sure what an archivist does, but I am wondering if the UW system (in Madison, or Milwaukee), or the Art Museum or the history museum in Milwaukee might have such need?...but I really don't know what an archivist does... I hope something works out with that -- I think it would be really hard to live far away from my husband... Of course, if your dh relocated to Milwaukee, you'd have to keep blogging, though!!

Becky G said...

I'm glad to see you haven't fallen off the face of the Earth! I like how the little snowflake turned out.

Jillio said...

dude, vermonty python? synonymous to ambrosia in my book! i would say it was caramel sutra, but it was a limited edition flavor. ben and jerry, you bastards! but they compromised. they made vermonty python. all is right in the world. i love those chocolate cows. love love love them! i think more dessert should come with chocolate cows. seriously.