Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dear Gator, you are forty-one-derful!

Happy Birthday, Gator, my sweet, awesome hubby!! I'm very sorry that I'm unable to give you another fabulous Hello Kitty birthday, but rest assured that, in spirit, I have bathed you in pink cuteness. Because you're just the kind of He-Man that can totally pull that off.

In other exciting birthday news, I finished your socks! I finished the stitching last night and the finishing this morning. I have but one sock blocker (because I have over-achieved on the "getting rid of wire hangers" front, go figure), so I will block them one at a time and they will be in the mail to you tomorrow! Pahtoo! Once you receive them and are the very first to bask in their glory, I'll post pictures for the masses to enjoy. I'm sure they are getting really antsy out there.

I have only a little over a week left of mentoring the summer research program here and my radioisotope safety class. This is good because I'm about run ragged. Well, okay, that's a total exaggeration, but it is seriously taking away from my "laying by the pool and knitting" time. And then it's only a couple of weeks before classes start again for fall. Then when will I find time to lounge and laze??? It's almost as if I actually moved up here to do some sort of school stuff, rather than live a life of creative leisure. WTF??

I hope your day is grand, my love. Would that I could be with you today. Have a very, very happy birthday.

Every day in every way I remain,
Your Spunky Princess



Becky G said...

Definitely getting antsy....

ollie1976 said...

Happy birthday to Gator!