Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lordy, Lordy

Today is Gator's birthday. Yep, the big four-oh. He's still home from work and high on Vicadin due to foot breakage. Last week I asked him how he wanted to celebrate and he said he didn't want "any of that damned black Over The Hill crap". So, as antithesis to traditional 40-year-old crap-giving, I gave Gator the birthday of his dreams this morning. That's right, it involved much cuteness:

Yes! A Hello Kitty themed birthday! Granted, the banner was somewhat hastily hung. But that's not all, oh no!

All middle-aged (yes, I said middle-aged) men need dainty tiaras and mini-tumblers filled with - Yes! - pink lemonade (in keeping with the theme and all)!

He received a kickin' new computer and flatscreen monitor for his special day and he's in seventh heaven. Actually, it could just be all that Vicadin.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! You're my favorite ever!

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pacalaga said...

That is freaking hilarious. (Look out, DH, pink is in your future.)