Monday, July 07, 2008

Crappy bloggers, unite!

I should really start some sort of union for bloggers of low update number. It's gotten ridiculous, I know. Now, rejoice in my excuses!

1) I wrote my qualifying exam, which was a big 'ol thesis proposal, and had to defend it to my committee. I was successful! I won't tell you about it because, frankly, I know you don't really care. It's okay, though! My committee barely cares! I'll just entice you with the title:
Endoreduplication in Tetrahymena thermophila: A model of the endocycle?

Oh. I know. It's just that good.

2) Two days after I passed quals, I hopped on a plane and took off to KC then traveled to Maryville. I spent some time with my great-niece and great-nephews.

Athena and I are being models:

George joined us for one shot:

Athena took a picture of me -- she's pretty good for 4 1/2, no?

Zane and Aiden wanted to be crazy (though Zane looks pretty bored by all the craziness, it was his idea):

Then the boys dug a hole. This is the aftermath:

So I had some great family time. I also got to see my sister, aunt, and nieces, but I guess they didn't really score photos. That's the way it goes when there are kids around to steal the show!

Then I went to my ::shudder:: 20 year high school reunion! It was a really great time and amazing to see so many people I hadn't seen for years! Everyone looked amazing. For the most part, the years have been extremely kind to us. Only about a third of our class showed up, though, which was sad. But I think we made a rather attractive little bunch:

So after a few days in the 'Ville, I grabbed a ride down to Columbia, MO, to...

... SEE MY BOY!!!!! (who I have not seen since Thanksgiving!!)

Aren't we cute?

So I'm here, with him, until Saturday. Then I go back to Milwaukee, repack luggage, and take off on Sunday for UC-Santa Barbara for a week-long Tetrahymena forward genetics mini-course. Whirlwind, I tell you.

So, I haven't been blogging. Sorry 'bout that. But I've got a crazy-cute boy here to love.

Sorry, but you lose. ;)



YarnThrower said...

Count me "in" for the "have no time for blogging" club!

Congrats on being successfully qualified! I imagine that is a big "load off"...

Glad you have a little time to spend with family right now. Hopefully it will refresh you for more!

Oh, and 20 year reunion?! That's nothing! When you get to the (ahem) 25 year mark, the women still look great, but the men have started to decline a little bit. (That was my experience with my class of 1982 reunion last fall, anyway...)

Have a great Tuesday!!

jmk said...

"Sorry, but you lose"

Seems more than reasonable to me! xx

DawnK said...

Looks like you had fun, on your trip south! I don't get to take any trips this year! :( The kids and I are going to Stitch 'n Pitch, at the Brewer's game today, though. I'm looking forward to the game and eating at Panera Bread, since Sheboygan isn't important enough to warrant having one of our own. My kids said we didn't have to tailgate, to get the whole ballgame experience. Phew!

Then I get an email from Noodles, about how they have wholegrain noodles, if you want and I'm almost ready to defect from Panera, except that everytime we come to Milwaukee, we eat at Noodles and we need something different!