Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day two, with short sentences

This is my roommate at the conference, Sujal.

Last night, Sujal and I walked along the beach to the south, for a change. It is more interesting than the beach to the north. It contains a little shack.

Also, a makeshift wooden cross.

There is a little cave-like area in the cliff. Sujal cannot climb it, but decides to look victorious anyway.

Unfortunately, there was also a dead seal on the beach. It did not smell good. We were very sad.

Not surprisingly, this did nothing to dampen our appetites.


YarnThrower said...

Your meals look sooo yummy. I'm glad you're taking advantage of such a nice place to walk, too! It's making me look forward to the vacation in Door County we have planned for August...though probably no seals there...

Anonymous said...

You know, *I've* always found that nothing whets my appetite quite like dead seal.